Discussions of body image cover body positivity, body shaming, eating disorders, and food and diet trends emerging on social media.

Woman who says she was shamed for her wedding attire fights back
But not everyone is feeling #KruegerKindness.
Amy Schumer, body shaming, and the struggle to be ordinary
It's not about looking 'beautiful.'
Facebook apologizes for banning Tess Holliday ad over ‘health’ policy
But the group associated with the ad is not happy with the apology.
Body hair is not a matter of trends
It shouldn't matter if chest hair is in or out.
Meghan Trainor pulls ‘Me Too’ video over Photoshopping claims, debuts new one
'I didn't approve that video and it went out for the world.'
Trans and plus-size porn stars are sick of being sidelined at awards shows
Despite high sales, BBW and transgender porn stars are rarely critically acknowledged.
Trans woman describes what it’s like to have your vagina melt off after surgery
On the new blog Truth Speak Project, women tell all.
Fashion designer rips into strange, offensive plus-size shorts ad
Christina Ashman didn't get angry—she got even.
Pro-eating disorder communities modify hashtag terms to perpetuate the movement
A new Georgia Tech study finds communities tweak hashtags to perpetuate movement.
The plus-size community is shattering stereotypes about fitness
Forget Thinspiration. This online community is plus-size and proud.
Plastic surgery consultations are now just a smartphone swipe away
Apps are making cosmetic surgery more accessible than ever.
Employee photos removed from boutique’s Instagram because she’s not ‘model material’
'Don't take it personal, all I ask for is really good representation,' the owner said.
Former sorority girl explains why she left in revealing YouTube video
The Syracuse student couldn't keep quiet any longer.
Barbie isn’t the only one who needs a makeover
Where’s the diversity in toys for boys?
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