Discussions of body image cover body positivity, body shaming, eating disorders, and food and diet trends emerging on social media.

Lizzo shuts down man who says she’s only popular because of an ‘obesity epidemic in America’
Lizzo swiftly shut down the body shamer with a single tweet.
Did Dan Bilzerian seriously photoshop this picture of Cardi B?
The Instagram star posts a confusing photo.
My fatness is not a winter fad
Nice try, I will not keep you warm.
Rebel Wilson blocks enough Black people to start a hashtag
She did not take well to Black people pointing out their erasure.
The 2019 emoji will be wildly diverse and inclusive
Get ready for the service dog.
Netflix’s ‘Insatiable’ is the fat-shaming teen comedy the internet already hates
Alyssa Milano is defending the project amid Twitter outrage.
‘GLOW’ star Britney Young wrestles with Hollywood
The breakout star is back for season 2.
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