Black Twitter is a loosely defined community of Twitter users who can be mobilized for activist means but just as often closely analyze, poke fun at, and bond over the black experience in America. The community is instrumental in adding context to online narratives about race and is also generally acknowledged to be the principal source of Twitter memes that are actually funny. When Black Twitter coalesces around a common enemy, the resulting roasts are legendary.

Uncomfortable Tim Allen interview brings up old allegations of racism
It was kicked off after Black Twitter found out Allen doesn't know how to play Spades.
Ava DuVernay launches debate over term ‘Auntie’
Once again, Black Twitter had a long night.
Chris Evans approves all the memes featuring him
'This gave me a genuine belly laugh,' the actor wrote.
Black Twitter is reimagining the Avengers in memes
It all started when Chris Evans said he didn't know what 'Black Twitter' was.
Why everyone should be paying attention to Black Twitter
'People are threatened by this particular power that we have.'
Black women are fed up with Khloe Kardashian’s tweets about Jordyn Woods
'This is not only an example of misogyny but racism.'
Jacquees launches Twitter debate after calling himself ‘King of R&B’
The only consensus is that it's not Jacquees.
This man is asking for donations after getting fired over a transphobic tweet
He says the tweet was part of his 'comedy.'
Viral thread of Twitter ‘hot takes’ reveals all sorts of questionable opinions
The Hood Oracle's call for spicy takes did not disappoint.
Film adaptation of viral Twitter thread about strippers to star Taylour Paige
Zola's story about weekend in Florida captivated the internet.
People on Twitter are upset that the Smithsonian’s hip-hop curator is white
Should a white woman be in charge of Black art?
People on Twitter argue whether Fenty Beauty model Slick Woods is ‘ugly’
She's climbing to success because of her unconventional beauty, not despite it.
Fake ‘Black Panther’ posts are alleging violence at screenings
Many accounts are using graphic photos of domestic abuse survivors.
Everyone on Twitter is in a ‘big mood’—here’s what that means
Everyone's in a big mood to use this phrase.
Hairstylist gets new clients after her mugshot goes viral
'No matter what I went through, I ended up on top.'
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