As microprocessors have grown increasingly powerful and memory storage increasingly inexpensive, the analysis of extremely large datasets to discover patterns and associations that would otherwise remain elusive has been dubbed big data. This type of analysis has been used in fields ranging from science and medicine to business and the military.

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower is now working for H&M
Wylie is supposed to help the retail giant cater to consumers using data and AI.
Congress quietly snuck a major data privacy act into its spending bill
Internet rights groups have called the bill 'dangerous.'
The math professor whose research team beat you at March Madness
Dr. Tim Chartier and the analytics community picked Gonzaga to win the NCAA men's hoops tournament. You should have, too.
Google, H&M partner up to create custom dresses based on your data
After using an app for a week, you'll get a custom dress design you can purchase.
The NFL’s best coach says he doesn’t know anything about metrics
Chances are, Bill Belichick knows all about what he claims not to know.
From insurance to surveillance: Experts debate privacy in the age of Big Data
'Data itself is not bad. It's the use that's bad.'
Big data poses a threat to democracy
Tech companies have an important role to play in revitalizing democracy.
Americans are all over the map when it comes to privacy trade-offs
Amid concerns about data privacy and security, Americans stick to technology that offers them tangible benefits.
This ‘Pokémon or Big Data’ quiz will leave you stumped
You'll probably get Vulpix but the rest are pretty difficult.
The FTC will host a conference about your privacy and security
PrivacyCon will bring together leaders across government, academia, and tech.
Mining big data to find the next big thing at SXSW
Big data companies are tracking your listening habits. But do they have good taste in music?
Kal Penn talks National Geographic’s new big data show
From pizza metrics to drugs and crime, big data takes center stage on the new series.
Meet the big-data startup revamping FOIA requests
Harnessing big data to make justice available to everyone.
Facebook reveals who thinks The Dress is blue and black or white and gold
Facebook knows how you voted on the dress. It knows.
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