Deals and products to make you geek out.

This fitness tracker is slim, classy and affordable
No charging required, no smartphone necessary.
Here’s a complete guide to getting yourself published as an author
Write your first best-seller while bypassing the publishing house.
These earbuds double as a bracelet to prevent tangling
No more frustration from jumbled up cords.
Drown yourself in fun thanks to GameStop’s big PC gaming sale
In case you still have cash after the Steam sale.
Take amazing photos in adventurous locations with this durable tripod
Even if you define "adventurous" as your living room.
This nifty tool cleans both sides of your windows at once
The perfect tool if you hate to clean.
Rick and Morty Clue makes for a multi-dimensional mystery
Someone stole Rick's blueprint for the portal gun and it's your job to figure out the five W's.
Planeswalk your way to the office with this Magic: The Gathering tie
While your boss prattles, you can mentally summon Emrakul.
7 adorable bookmarks to keep your library in tip-top shape
Bookmarks aren't just a reference tab on your computer screen.
Do we want this coffee mug that you can put Legos on? Heck yes!
No one's going to get away with snatching your cup after this.
Quench your thirsty skin with this beer-infused soap
This gives whole new meaning to a shower beer.
These BoJack Horseman Funkos are perfect for anyone who thinks life’s a drag
Finally, your very own Horse from Horsin' Around!