This meme, usually expressed as a still from 'The Simpsons' with Bart Simpson holding an "At Least You Tried" cake, is a more sophisticated variant of "FAIL." It's used when, instead of utterly falling on his face, the subject has done something in the neighborhood of what he was attempting—but simply sucked at it. Generally posted as a response to a person who has said something dumb or misguided.

Teens rescued after drifting into shark-infested waters on inflatable flamingos
They were trying to take the perfect Instagram photo.
Hungry fugitive stops at In-N-Out drive thru during police chase
The craving can strike at any time.
Teen girl demonstrates why you should never stick your head in a pumpkin
Someone give this family a reality TV show.
Fox’s s**tty Photoshop of Sam Bradford is wrong on so many levels
Can you tell what's wrong with this image?
New, evolved Pokémon from Sun and Moon get roasted like the originals
They're taking almost as much heat as the starters they evolved from.
Driver busted in carpool lane with cardboard Trump head as passenger
Just tremendous carpooling, like you've never seen before.
Yankees fan f**ks up proposal by dropping engagement ring in stands
Mark this one down in the books as unforced error.
Dude protesting traffic stop livestreams himself hiding cocaine from the cops
The entire 13-minute saga is a comedic tragedy.
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