The technology company founded by Steve Jobs has produced some of the most influential devices of all time. Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Apple is responsible for the iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, as well as the iPod personal music device and iTunes music platform.

New Apple security chip is designed to keep hackers from turning on your mic
The mic will now physically disconnect once the laptop's lid is closed.
MacBook Air, Mac Mini use 100 percent recycled aluminum
Tech giant reveals 'greenest Mac ever.'
Twitter is going broke over the new iPad Pro and MacBook Air
Apple announced new gadgets, and the memes are rolling in.
Children are being targeted by manipulative ads on their apps
New study finds alarming trends—even in ‘educational’ apps.
You can now legally hack your iPhone
We are one step closer to having full control over our devices.
Apple CEO Tim Cook warns against the weaponization of data in speech
Apple is taking a stronger stance than its competitors.
Apple just made all your data available to download
Apple is making your data available if you live in the U.S.
Apple fixed the bagel emoji, and New Yorkers are satisfied
Say goodbye to the old, flat, stale design.
Kanye West’s ‘iPlane 1’ idea is 6 years old—and it’s not even his
But the designer seems stoked that West likes his idea.
Undercover investigation reveals Apple’s Genius Bar overestimating repair charges
But are its policies ultimately better for customers?
New Macs have a software lock that prevents unauthorized repairs
This is bad news for right to repair advocates.
Bloomberg: China secretly installed chip on motherboards used by 30 U.S. companies
A tiny chip may have infiltrated products sold by 30 companies, and used by the U.S. government.
iPhones with iOS 12 are vulnerable to a hack that bypasses lock screens
Any device running iOS 12 or iOS 12.1 is vulnerable.
Apple debuts 70-plus new emoji in iOS 12.1
We're finally getting a bagel emoji.
This teen wants everyone to be able to fix their own iPhones
A teen with a screen repair business wants everyone to have the right to repair their devices.
Apple’s own employees reportedly trash streaming service as ‘expensive NBC’
Apple reportedly is shying away from sex and religion.