The technology company founded by Steve Jobs has produced some of the most influential devices of all time. Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Apple is responsible for the iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, as well as the iPod personal music device and iTunes music platform.

Everything you need to know about the Apple Watch Series 5
A new 'Always-On Retina display' means you no longer have to move your wrist to see the time.
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Apple finally revealed the launch date and subscription price for Apple TV+.
Facebook explains privacy concerns ahead of iOS 13
The update is designed to give users more control over their privacy sharing settings.
Apple will stop inflating its own apps in the App Store
Apple changed its App Store algorithm after several antitrust complaints accused the company of favoring its own apps.
Apple and Foxconn broke Chinese labor laws to make the new iPhone
A non-profit advocacy group found that Foxconn was using far too many temporary workers.
Here’s everything we know about Apple TV+ so far
Apple's new streaming service drops this fall.
Apple, Google ordered to release names of thousands of gun app users
Investigators demanded the private data of countless individuals not suspected of a crime.
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Siri has new answers about feminism and #MeToo.
How to watch Apple’s Tuesday iPhone event; Update: Watch the iPhone event here
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New York MTA is tired of rescuing riders’ AirPods from subway tracks
The MTA is considering remedying the situation by asking passengers to keep their AirPods in.
More airlines are banning Macs due to ‘fire safety risk’ recall
Apple recently recalled certain MacBook Pros that 'may pose a fire safety risk.'
Thousands of iPhones attacked just by visiting hacked websites
A report from Google confirms that thousands of iPhones were potentially infected with malware after visiting compromised websites in an unprecedented hacking effort.
Apple will finally offer parts to third-party iPhone repair shops
iPhone users will have more options when seeking repairs on out of warranty phones, as third-party business will have access to Apple parts and information.
Siri audio samples will now be ‘opt-in’ and contractor free, Apple announces
Following some damning reporting, Apple is making sweeping changes to Siri aimed at protecting privacy and reassuring customers.
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Apple is locking iPhone battery health info to deter third-party repair
The tech company only wants your phone fixed by Apple-approved individuals.
Samsung’s ads mocking Apple for axing the headphone jack come back to haunt it
Samsung joined the tech industry trend of ditching the headphone jack this week, and deleted some old ads criticizing Apple for making the move a few years ago.