From its earliest days as an online book store, Amazon has seen a rapid boom to its role as the Web’s top retailer, selling everything from laundry detergent to furniture. Amazon’s Kindle e-reader was its first step into the consumer tech realm, where it would eventually launch many other devices including several tablets and even a smartphone. Amazon’s Prime service offers quick shipping as well as streaming video services.

Amazon to acquire Whole Foods in $13.7B deal
Amazon's interest in groceries isn't new, but this is its biggest move yet.
You can now buy groceries from Amazon by talking to this plastic stick
The gadget will give you recipes, restaurant recommendations, and can even control smart appliances.
Amazon goes after Walmart with huge Prime discount for low-income families
Low-income families using EBT will pay $5.99 for Prime instead of $10.99.
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Amazon’s new headquarters will provide housing for 200 homeless Seattle residents
It will house more than 200 people in 65 rooms, rent and utility-free forever.
Amazon introduces the Echo Show, an Alexa device with a screen
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