From its earliest days as an online book store, Amazon has seen a rapid boom to its role as the Web’s top retailer, selling everything from laundry detergent to furniture. Amazon’s Kindle e-reader was its first step into the consumer tech realm, where it would eventually launch many other devices including several tablets and even a smartphone. Amazon’s Prime service offers quick shipping as well as streaming video services.

AmazonBasics batteries recalled due to fire and chemical burns
Around 260,000 units are covered under the recall.
Walmart expands same-day grocery delivery—and you can try it for free
It's expanding across 100 metro areas by the end of the year.
Drone deliveries could start in the U.S. this summer
Will we finally get burritos delivered by drone?
‘The Remix’ puts a joyfully refreshing spin on singing competitions
Amazon's international spectacle is a ready-made hit.
1 in 5 U.S. adults have access to a smart speaker, study finds
Adoption has risen from 1 percent to 20 percent in two years.
Amazon releases more than 30 SXSW breakout movies
You can stream these festival darlings right now.
Internet outages take down Alexa, Slack, other web services
If your Alexa quit working Friday, you weren't alone.
#StopNRAmazon demands Amazon drop NRA TV
Celebrities are joining the cause.
Amazon Locker ensures you never have another package stolen
Here's everything you need to know.
‘Human Flow’ is a devastating 360 view of the global refugee crisis
A sweeping documentary for empathetic people.
‘Absentia’ will test your love of gritty crime dramas
The Amazon series is all humorless, watered-down gloom.
Why a custom AI chip is such a big deal for Amazon Alexa
Alexa has a voice. Now she could have a brain.
How to make the most of your Audible subscription
If you're not using Amazon's audiobook service, you might be missing out.
Amazon is bringing 2-hour delivery to Whole Foods customers
The program is starting in four cities before seeing a wider rollout.
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