From its earliest days as an online book store, Amazon has seen a rapid boom to its role as the Web’s top retailer, selling everything from laundry detergent to furniture. Amazon’s Kindle e-reader was its first step into the consumer tech realm, where it would eventually launch many other devices including several tablets and even a smartphone. Amazon’s Prime service offers quick shipping as well as streaming video services.

Civil rights groups slam Amazon for selling facial recognition tool to police
Civil rights advocates fear it will be used for surveillance.
Amazon may save ‘The Expanse’ after all
The #SaveTheExpanse campaign may actually work!
Amazon announces steep Whole Foods discounts for Prime members
Subscribers will get 10 percent off sales items.
Jeff Bezos helps return puppy stolen during Amazon delivery
The driver worked for an independent delivery company.
Fake 5-star product reviews plague the internet
Thousands of reviews online may be misleading or downright false.
The NFL is coming to Twitch in 2018
The livestreams are coming.
All the Alexa tips and tricks you never knew you needed
Here's everything you need to know to master Amazon's virtual assistant.
Amazon still has a huge problem with fake reviews
Two-thirds of top Bluetooth speaker reviews were likely paid for.
Amazon expands its controversial Key service to deliver inside your car
It will only be available to GM and Volvo owners at launch.
Jeff Bezos’ new mansion comes with 25 bathrooms—and Twitter is losing it
Meanwhile, his employees sometimes pee in bottles.
Amazon’s Vesta sounds like something out of ‘The Jetsons’
Amazon is reportedly working on a home robot.
Amazon workers across the country reportedly rely on food stamps
The online marketplace downplayed the reports.
Amazon warehouse workers pee in bottles for fear of being disciplined
A survey found 55 percent of workers were depressed.
Amazon’s voice recognition patent would be the final blow to our privacy
The online marketplace claims it takes privacy seriously.
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