From its earliest days as an online book store, Amazon has seen a rapid boom to its role as the Web’s top retailer, selling everything from laundry detergent to furniture. Amazon’s Kindle e-reader was its first step into the consumer tech realm, where it would eventually launch many other devices including several tablets and even a smartphone. Amazon’s Prime service offers quick shipping as well as streaming video services.

Amazon says police can hold on to Ring videos indefinitely
Ring's relationship with law enforcement has faced scrutiny.
This group is scanning thousands of faces in Congress today to protest facial recognition
As of mid-morning on Thursday, the group had scanned more than 6,000 faces. 
Amazon Ring doorbells exposed users’ WiFi passwords
Usernames and passwords were transmitted unencrypted from Ring's app to the doorbell.
Ring thought surveillance videos of trick-or-treaters were a good PR opportunity
Alongside statistics, Ring also posted videos of trick-or-treaters.
Fake Jordan Peterson meat-only diet book at the top of Amazon’s ‘Toxicology’ section (updated)
Peterson and his daughter are the listed authors of the book, but Peterson's daughter says they didn't write it.
#NoMusicForICE: Hundreds of musicians boycott Amazon festival
More than 800 musicians have signed.
Amazon investing in renewables to cut its data center carbon footprint
In the fight against global warming, data centers are the rack-mounted, air-cooled elephant in the room.
Amazon’s facial recognition misidentified Boston athletes as criminals
Amazon's facial recognition technology has been criticized in the past.
This Twitter account is parodying Amazon customer service
The account roasts customers who complain.
Brits are sharing their ‘awfully British Amazon reviews’ on Twitter
The hashtag was flooded with Brexit jokes.
This dude’s Twitter bot lets followers decorate his room
Don't know how to decorate? Let the internet do it for you.
Amazon wants to write the government’s facial recognition laws
Facial recognition technology is getting national attention.
Amazon Echoes will soon mimic celebrity voices, starting with Samuel L. Jackson
Who doesn't want Samuel L. Jackson to tell them what the weather forecast looks like?
Super Alexa Mode: The Amazon Echo Easter egg and its bizarre tie to gamers
This is one of the best Easter eggs we've ever seen.
Did Amazon give ‘Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ an unfair Emmy advantage?
The show's Emmy campaign involved selling gas to Hollywood drivers at 30 cents per gallon.
How to make real money with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk
Optimize those pennies, and they start to add up.
Amazon will now crowdsource answers for Alexa
Amazon has faith that trolls won't pollute Alexa with bad answers.
Amazon workers plan walkout in protest of climate change inaction
The walkout is slated for Sept. 20.
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