Bernie Sanders wins Nevada Caucuses
The likely win in Nevada makes it clear Sanders is the early front runner.

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Kindness and chaos in Charlotte after police shooting of Keith Scott
Police say they will not release video of an officer shooting Keith Scott.
Ferguson activist Darren Seals found shot in burning car
Darren Seals is not the first Ferguson activist to meet this fate.
Is Donald Trump’s spokeswoman secretly a radical black activist?
Pierson has called to arm black activists and has often criticized MLK for being too 'submissive.'
Protesters occupy NYC park over ‘broken windows’ policing, demand NYPD commissioner’s firing
The group has also demanded reparations for victims of police brutality.
Why do men continue to defend catcalling?
Men are convinced catcalling works, even when women say it doesn't.
Native Americans are not happy with J.K. Rowling’s new story
They're pretty upset with Elizabeth Warren, too.
Are Men OK? Man card edition
Prove you're manly with your man card. Like, an actual card.
Music can be a force for change—and Beyoncé knows that
Beyoncé isn't the first artist to use music to incite change in the world.
Blacks and Hispanics are most optimistic about social media’s political impact
The findings suggest that minorities are getting more out of the Internet than white people.
Trans model Aydian Dowling on being a Men’s Health magazine finalist
The unlikely trans finalist is destroying barriers.
This student is combatting sexual harassment one tweet at a time
Rachel Baker experienced harassment firsthand. Now she's using Twitter to create change.
Why LGBT activists vandalized a historical monument outside the Stonewall Inn
The "Gay Liberation" art piece has become a statement about the erasure of people of color in LGBT history.
Kenyans launch #SomeoneTellCNN after network calls their country a ‘terror hotbed’
That'll teach CNN to be more careful with its labels.
Vegetarian activist slaps 3D-printed tombstones on supermarket meat
Thanks to 3D printing, it's never been easier to troll your supermarket.
Hardcore 85-year-old nun has no regrets about going to prison for nuclear facility protest
Sister Megan Rice was released after serving two years of a three-year sentence.
How a racist troll tricked Twitter into promoting white supremacy
If you don't like the smell of white supremacy in the morning, you probably shouldn't log on to Twitter.