Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy. It was made legal in the U.S. in 1973, following the Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade. However, it remains a highly debated political issue, both online and in real life, with many states instituting their own laws restricting access to services and banning the procedure under certain circumstances.

Mississippi to pass the most restrictive law against abortion in the nation
People found inducing abortion after 15 weeks may face up to 10 years in prison.
Abortion advocates issue reality check after Mike Pence says abortion will end ‘in our time’
Does the vice president think no one had abortions before 'Roe v. Wade'?
Republican senator tells college students ‘abortion is murder,’ threatens to arrest them
The students were there to discuss sex ed and birth control, not abortion.
Planned Parenthood is attacking anti-abortion policies state by state
The new initiative also aims to secure affordable access to birth control.
Google Maps could be making it harder for women to find abortion clinics
Results for abortion queries are misleading.
Senate to vote on bill banning abortion after 20 weeks
The bill hinges upon the unproven claim that fetuses can feel pain at 20 weeks.
California university students may soon have access to medication abortions
Abortion pills could be stocked across public universities by 2022.
The Trump administration just made its latest move to defund Planned Parenthood
This marks one year of Trump's tirade on abortion rights.
Ohio’s largest abortion clinic launches striking billboard campaign
The clinic hopes to erase negative stigmas about the decision to have an abortion.
The internet isn’t here for Black Mirror’s ignorance on emergency contraception
No, you can't get an abortion by taking the morning after pill.
A woman in El Salvador will spend 30 years in jail for having a miscarriage
In 2007, Teodora Vasquez was charged for an 'aggravated homicide' when she had a miscarriage.
This woman has recorded almost 300 abortion stories so others don’t have to feel alone
The 'Abortion Diary' podcast is the support resource we need in the era of Trump.
Here are the abortion laws for all 50 states in the U.S.
Everything you need to know about accessibility in your state.
Judge overrules law blocking Texas women from common abortion procedure
Doctors said the law required performing untested procedures on women.
The 2017 election was an important victory for reproductive rights
Many winners campaigned on women's access to healthcare.
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