The 2016 election will determine who will succeed Barack Obama as president of the United States. Through the primaries and into the general election, a litany of Democratic and Republican candidates have battled it out both online and on the ground. Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Jeb Bush announces 2016 presidential plans on Twitter, Facebook
It's not the first time a candidate has announced like this.
Mitt Romney is now a romance blogger
Ann has way more than 47 percent of Mitt's heart
Stephen Colbert goes toe-to-toe with Hillary Clinton
"This book is 656 pages of shameless name-dropping."
Hillary Clinton teases presidential run on ‘The Daily Show’
“I think I speak for everybody when I say no one cares. They just want to know if you’re running for president.”
Lessig’s Mayday PAC smashes $5M crowdfunding goal
If all goes to plan, Mayday will be the super PAC to end all super PACs.
Republican Party seeks to reinvent itself online
A new report suggests the creation of a chief technology officer post within the party.
The 2016 presidential domain-name race heats up
The 2016 presidential race is heating up online, but no one is looking for delegates. It's domain names people are after.
President Obama’s victories in … email campaigning?
We knew he was more successful on social media, but research suggests Obama sent better emails than Romney too.
Marco Rubio tweets support of rapper Pitbull
From the same GQ article: "I'm not a scientist."
Ron Paul advocates for unregulated Internet in farewell speech
After 23 years of service, Ron Paul is leaving Congress at the end of this year.
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