From zany YouTubers to news about YouTube’s constant industry shifts, here’s the full rundown on the platform many people call home.


Hbomberguy astonished by massive reaction to his video on YouTube plagiarism

“YouTube is probably one of the most evil platforms in the world because it specifically rewards being terrible and starting fights in a way that is extremely disconcerting for the future of the human race.”

On Dec 6, 2023 by Steven Asarch

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Latest viral video causes reckoning for YouTube plaigarists

Hbomberguy’s latest video has YouTubers questioning the platform and how their work could be stolen.

On Dec 5, 2023 by Steven Asarch

Haunting resurfaced clips shows psychic predicting Diddy's downfall in November

‘And she called the end date’: Haunting resurfaced clip shows psychic predicting Diddy’s downfall in November

'November 15, or right around there, it’s coming out'

On Nov 24, 2023 by Grace Fowler

young woman claims to make 6 figures a year.

‘I feel behind damn’: 17-year-old claims to make 6 figures a year. Here’s how:

‘Please talk more about print on demand’

On Nov 22, 2023 by Grace Fowler

colleen ballinger returns toxic gossip train fall vlog

Colleen Ballinger is back and wants you to forget about her Toxic Gossip Train 

‘Toxic Gossip Train (Fall Vlog remix).’

On Nov 21, 2023 by Steven Asarch

YouTube logo with play button replaced with '..?'

YouTube admits it implemented delays on loading site for specific users

'Users who have ad blockers installed may experience suboptimal viewing...'

On Nov 21, 2023 by Mikael Thalen

arm and hand with indian flag on sleeve controlling puppet on YouTube

Modi turned India’s influencers into an army of YouTube puppets

How does BeerBiceps score all his interviews?

On Nov 16, 2023 by Arbab Ali, Nadeem Sarwar

youtube ai new guidelines

YouTube’s new AI guidelines are a step in the right direction

Creators will be required to disclose when they’ve incorporated AI into their content.

On Nov 15, 2023 by Andrew Fiouzi

Ad for anti-trans Epoch Times documentary 'Gender Transformation: The Untold Realities.'

‘Vibrating with anger’: Trans woman targeted with anti-trans ad on YouTube (updated)

'So much misinformation.'

On Nov 14, 2023 by Tricia Crimmins

Three people arguing

The ‘Daddy chill’ or ‘What the hell is even that’ meme, explained

'Daddy chill is on McDonald's secret menu.'

On Nov 12, 2023 by Natasha Dubash

Steven Crowder(l), Finger pressing youtube app(r)

YouTube removes Steven Crowder’s video about Nashville shooter’s manifesto

'Our community guidelines prohibit linking to content containing manifestos...'

On Nov 7, 2023 by Mikael Thalen

Monetized Twitter user creates blackmail and doxing site

‘I’ve been watching you for several years’: Website offers bounty for private information about female YouTube influencer

'I will personally pay all bounties using multisig.'

On Oct 30, 2023 by Claire Goforth

Kurtis Conner and Dean Hebscher in front of white background

‘You did bring him on your tour’: Fans call out YouTuber Kurtis Conner for platforming comedian friend with history of blackface

'No your eyes do not deceive you.'

On Oct 20, 2023 by Nina Hernandez

ad revenue sharing tools youtube advertising

How different apps and services are figuring out revenue sharing

Not just payouts but consistent earnings are key for full-time creators.

On Oct 19, 2023 by Lon Harris


What the JacksFilms and Sssniperwolf feud really means for YouTube

Reaction content is serious business, especially when it leads to doxxing.

On Oct 18, 2023 by Steven Asarch