illustration of Dan Scavino, Jack Posobiec, Alex Jones, Donald Trump, Eric Trump, Roger Stone, and Q head on suit over animated slime mold background

The Trump Disinformation Project

9 different stories that tell the tale of disinformation in the Trump era.

On Jan 15, 2021 by The Daily Dot Staff

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In their final act, Trumpers want to burn down everything they built

If they get their way, everything they've built will be gone.

On Jan 15, 2021 by Andrew Wyrich

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The far-right hopes to destroy Joe Biden’s presidency with his own slogan

Joe Biden's dream for America is being sank before it even sets sail.

On Jan 15, 2021 by Colleen Hagerty

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Team Trump was in bed with online insurrectionists before he was even elected

Reddit's most heinous posters had a pipeline to Pennsylvania Avenue.

On Jan 15, 2021 by Alex Thomas

Illustration of Hunter Biden photo on laptop

The Gateway Pundit tried to crash an entire election (again)

But who gave it all to them?

On Jan 15, 2021 by Claire Goforth

illustration of eric trump over protesters holding 'stop the steal' and 'trump pence' signs

Eric Trump’s Twitter supercharged a violent coup with doctored videos

He blasted videos with no discernment, riling up his base to a fever pitch.

On Jan 15, 2021 by Mikael Thalen

illustration of hand throwing a paper airplane over a city that is dropping bombs

Telegram is supercharging conspiracy theories across the planet

Telegram is exactly the oxygen Trump's lies need to set the world ablaze.

On Jan 15, 2021 by Jordan Wildon

illustration of jack posobiec over oann logo background

Jack Posobiec’s antifa ‘reporting’ torpedoed the George Floyd protests

His inaccurate reporting helped the president stunt a nationwide protest.

On Jan 15, 2021 by Eric Levai

illustration of alex jones with a megaphone, rogerstone whispering into trump's ear

Travel the Roger Stone pipeline: From InfoWars to the White House

Roger Stone and Alex Jones are to blame for all of this.

On Jan 15, 2021 by Libby Cohen

illustration of a newscaster with a Q for a head, with Breaking News graphic

How Trump mainstreamed QAnon before anyone ever noticed

Trump brought it to the forefront on almost day one.

On Jan 15, 2021 by Mike Rothschild