sex dolls in a south korea football stadium

South Korea football club puts sex dolls in stadium to appear like it had a crowd

The football club said it, 'wanted to do something light-hearted.' People said it was creepy.

On May 19, 2020 by Ginny Woo

Sex Doll Official is going viral for letting users create replicas of their dead wives.

Twitter is creeped out by this sex doll rental company that recreates your dead lover

Some of the dolls are pretty racist too.

On Oct 18, 2018 by Ana Valens

Samantha sex robot, hand on leg

Sex robots may soon be able to turn down sexual advances from humans

Sex robots deserve consent, too.

On Jun 18, 2018 by Christina Bonnington

Real doll heads in case

Paris sex doll ‘brothel’ criticized for fueling rape fantasies

Experts say critics might be right.

On Mar 20, 2018 by Samantha Grasso

samantha sex robot orgasm family mode on sale

Controversial sex robot that can orgasm is now for sale

The doll costs a staggering £3,500.

On Sep 25, 2017 by Phillip Tracy

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‘My inflatable doll is a lesbian’ overheard on White House conference call

Totally normal, professional stuff.

On Jul 18, 2017 by Ana Valens

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Amsterdam police break down door to save a blow-up sex doll

She's safe!

On Jun 30, 2016 by Gabe Bergado

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I humped a blow-up sex doll for exercise

And you can too.

On May 9, 2016 by Shanrah Wakefield

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Indonesian village welcomes fallen angel that turns out to be a sex doll

Saint Do Me.

On May 2, 2016 by Gabe Bergado

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Yes, there are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton sex dolls

Turns out, a lot of people want to put their genitals on—or in—a plastic presidential candidate.

On Oct 14, 2015 by Mary Emily O'Hara

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This high-tech sex doll talks back

Talk about uncanny valley.

On Jun 12, 2015 by [email protected]

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Inside the world of porn star sex dolls and the men who love them

jessica drake and Asa Akira, two of the biggest names in porn, talk about their Real Dolls.

On May 11, 2015 by Mark Shrayber

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Craigslister desperately wants to find a good home for his ex-sex doll

If you love something, you must let it go. A sex doll owner in Los Angeles is learning this the hard way. 

On Jun 20, 2014 by EJ Dickson