Taco Bell sign(l), Woman eating taco(c), Drive thru(r)

‘i get anxious im the ONLY person that uses them and they think im weird’: Taco Bell customer orders through the app—while she’s at the drive-thru

'if there’s an app IM GONNA USE IT.'

On Feb 15, 2024 by Parks Kugle

Woman talking(l+r), Sephora store interior(c)

‘These kids make me wanna reevaluate my entire job’: Sephora worker shares what the job is really like

'They don't shop at Claire's anymore?'

On Jan 4, 2024 by Amara Thomas

Woman(l), Conveyor Belt(c), Second Woman(r)

‘Everything’s empty’: Customers get excited to go to revolving sushi bar. It doesn’t go as expected 

'Not doing great rn.'

On Dec 27, 2023 by Amara Thomas

american psycho memes

‘American Psycho’ memes are part of internet history

From the headphones meme to the business card meme, 'American Psycho' and Patrick Bateman are now part of internet history.

On Dec 19, 2023 by Audra Schroeder

Luke Combs(l), Fan crying(r)

‘Absolutely sick to my stomach’: Luke Combs responds to $250,000 tumbler lawsuit against fan

'This made me cry. You got a new fan.'

On Dec 18, 2023 by Audra Schroeder

Laurie Anderson attends the red carpet of the Opening Ceremony during the 76th Venice Film Festival on August 28, 2019 in Venice, Italy.

Laurie Anderson’s ‘O Superman’ is the sound of coincidence on TikTok 

It’s not often that we see a genuinely emotional viral trend.

On Dec 14, 2023 by Audra Schroeder

Woman working check out holding vegetable(l+r), Woman shopping for produce(c)

“Then you ask the customer and they like ‘idk’”: Grocery store worker doesn’t know what produce item is while trying to check customer out, doesn’t know what to do


On Dec 13, 2023 by Amara Thomas

Woman talking(l), Walmart store(c), Woman cleaning windows(r)

‘That’s not my job description’: Walmart worker sparks debate after refusing to clean windows

Her co-worker ended up having to clean the windows.

On Dec 13, 2023 by Amara Thomas

Man shares how to trick workers into lowering your internet bill for you

‘Lowered it from $70 down to $30’: Man shares how to trick workers into lowering your internet bill for you

'It hurts our metrics but it's true.'

On Dec 8, 2023 by Charlotte Colombo