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‘Figure out your identity in your bedroom’: ‘Karen’ harasses cisgender woman in public bathroom after thinking she was trans

The woman allegedly thought the TikToker was trans because her hair was buzzed short.

On Oct 30, 2022 by Jack Alban

Customer at Taco Bell moving towards employee (l) Taco Bell employee grabbing aggressive man (c) Man on ground other man shoving employee away (r)

‘I love watching service industry employees snap’: Taco Bell employee knocks out aggressive customer, sparking debate

Taco Bell said no action would be taken against the employee.

On Jun 7, 2022 by Rebekah Harding

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‘She clearly needs professional help’: Viral TikTok shows woman having meltdown after getting caught shoplifting at Walmart

'I'm goddamn pissing myself 'cause I'm upset.'

On Jan 29, 2022 by Brooke Sjoberg

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‘Got all worked up for no reason’: Male Karen screams at TikToker, falsely accuses her of cutting line at Sam’s Club gas station

'I have my four kids in the car, so I need you to be quiet...'

On Dec 12, 2021 by Rachel Kiley


‘Promoted from anti-masker to floor mop’: Worker subdues Karen who tried to hit her in viral video

The poster said the Karen was later arrested.

On Nov 13, 2021 by Kahron Spearman


‘Get away from my kids!’: Mother fights off home intruder who ran toward her daughters in viral video

The man ran into the garage where the kids were playing.

On Oct 31, 2021 by Alexandra Samuels


‘It’s just an arbitrary rule you pull out of air’: Man kicked out of Planet Fitness over water bottle in viral video (updated)

Viewers were divided on who was in the wrong.

On Oct 30, 2021 by Alexandra Samuels

man yells at passengers and flight crew on united airlines flight

‘Welcome to the no fly list’: Man kicked off United flight after threatening passengers and attendants in viral TikTok

'He's spitting his germs all over the place'

On Oct 10, 2021 by Daysia Tolentino

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‘I’m on his side’: TikToker argues with hotel manager who claimed she was disrespecting staff, dividing viewers

'Don’t you ever disrespect nobody up in that hotel'

On Oct 3, 2021 by Cecilia Lenzen

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‘They sure got a show’: Male Karen screams at drive-in movie worker in viral video

The worker asked him to turn off his car lights, which were disrupting the movie.

On Aug 29, 2021 by Rachel Kiley

A maskless woman fights with a convenience store employee.

Woman’s convenience store fit is a cry for help—but she’s getting called a ‘Karen’

'This is a person who is desperate and not being heard.'

On Mar 17, 2021 by Kahron Spearman

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This viral airport freakout video has no connection to the Capitol riot arrests

The TikTok shows 2 white women getting arrested in Florida.

On Jan 11, 2021 by Angelica Arinze