Former Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) caught heat online on Thursday after he posted a picture of himself standing next to a wooden Native American statue in an attempt to mock Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).

Jason Chaffetz’s attempt to mock Elizabeth Warren gets blasted online

The response was quick.

On Oct 18, 2018 by Andrew Wyrich

jason chaffetz

Jason Chaffetz says Parkland students need ‘Jesus Christ’

Jason Chaffetz thinks Parkland students need to believe in 'Jesus' to heal.

On Mar 1, 2018 by David Covucci

Darrell Issa and Trey Gowdy

With Gowdy retirement, the Benghazi Boys are officially leaving Congress

Three Benghazi investigators won't seek reelection this year.

On Feb 1, 2018 by David Covucci

james comey house intelligence committee testimony

Fired FBI Director James Comey called to testify before House Oversight Committee

His testimony should set off some political fireworks.

On May 17, 2017 by Andrew Wyrich

Jason Chaffetz meme

Jason Chaffetz took a scooter to the AHCA vote and rolled right into a meme

Jason Chaffetz wasn't about to let foot surgery prevent him from voting today.

On May 4, 2017 by David Covucci

Jason Chaffetz Speaking

Rep. Jason Chaffetz will not run for reelection in 2018

Chaffetz rose in prominence due to his role in the investigations into the 2012 Benghazi attacks.

On Apr 19, 2017 by Andrew Couts

Donald Trump Holding Up His Hand

Congress warns Trump to stop deleting his tweets

He might be breaking the law.

On Mar 9, 2017 by Nidia Cavazos

Jason Chaffetz on CNN discussing Obamacare replacement

GOP rep: Americans may have to choose between new iPhones and healthcare

When does the new iPhone come out?

On Mar 7, 2017 by Andrew Couts

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New bill forces police to obtain warrant for ‘Stingray’ phone surveillance

H.R. 1601 would significantly curtail the warrantless use of cell-site simulators.

On Feb 17, 2017 by Dell Cameron

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Jason Chaffetz dismisses protesters at recent town hall, says they were paid to be there

Reporters couldn't find anybody who had been paid.

On Feb 11, 2017 by Josh Katzowitz

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Hundreds berate Rep. Jason Chaffetz at raucous Utah town hall

They chanted 'Do your job' at him.

On Feb 10, 2017 by Josh Katzowitz

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House Republicans won’t investigate Trump’s false claim that millions voted illegally

Donald Trump still believes he lost the popular vote because of fraud.

On Jan 27, 2017 by Josh Katzowitz

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Controversial CEO Martin Shkreli dodges claims of drug price-gouging at hearing

The most hated man in pharmaceuticals left the government hearing after mere minutes.

On Feb 4, 2016 by Mary Emily O'Hara

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House investigates whether U.S. agencies used firewall with possible NSA backdoor

The NSA might have put a backdoor in a popular firewall. Now Congress wants answers.

On Jan 29, 2016 by Eric Geller

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Police chiefs, prosecutors demand laws mandating encryption backdoors

Law enforcement say backdoors make it harder to catch criminals. But where's the evidence?

On Nov 24, 2015 by Patrick Howell O'Neill