Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar supporters balk at her vote on genocide resolution

'You can’t just cherry-pick between humans and human rights.'

On Oct 31, 2019 by Samira Sadeque

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Trump accused of ‘using the language of ethnic cleansing’ regarding Kurds

He called for an 'ultimate solution.'

On Oct 18, 2019 by Claire Goforth

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Maybe millennials would be chiller if they got genocided, argues WaPost column

Don't complain unless you fought the Nazis.

On Aug 9, 2019 by Claire Goforth

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The story behind the Armenian genocide-denying skywriting above NYC

The clouds are speaking to you—but do they tell the truth?

On Apr 25, 2016 by Efe Kerem Sozeri

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It’s time to drop Columbus Day—and celebrate indigenous peoples instead

Twitter wants to #RethinkColumbus—but we need to get rid of him altogether

On Oct 12, 2015 by Chris Tognotti

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Mike Huckabee thinks the Iran deal is like the Holocaust

As it turns out, he says this sort of thing a lot.

On Jul 27, 2015 by Eric Geller

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Is Zimbabwe on the brink of another genocide?

All of the signs are there.

On Jun 5, 2015 by Curt Hopkins

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Why ISIS’s destruction of ancient art is more than a war crime

Breaking statues is an assault on the core of civilization.

On Mar 17, 2015 by Jared Keller

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Oscar-nominated doc ‘The Act of Killing’ gets an eye-opening follow-up

"We must stop, acknowledge the lives destroyed, strain to listen to the silence that follows."

On Oct 23, 2014 by Joey Keeton

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Times of Israel deletes op-ed justifying Palestinian genocide

Who said community-produced content was a good thing?

On Aug 1, 2014 by Patrick Howell O'Neill

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White House forced to address first grader’s insensitive joke

Jimmy Kimmel laughed off a first grader's genocidal joke. His Chinese audience didn't find it as funny.

On Nov 7, 2013 by Tim Sampson

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PlayStation ad starring interracial couple spurs racist backlash on YouTube

Also, the PS Vita TV is totally "gay."

On Sep 13, 2013 by Miles Klee