Pastor holding bible speaking into microphone

‘Lemme know when the youth pastor ban hits’: TikTokers flood popular drag hashtags to highlight instances of clergy abuse

'Drag queens never preyed on me.'

On Mar 9, 2023 by Claire Goforth

woman greenscreen TikTok over Instagram post with caption 'MY BABY' 'there is a mother on IG who has created a tour to have individuals' (l) woman pointing to caption 'will you please address the woman who is having meet and greets from LA to NYC for her 3 year old!!!' 'I will address this' (c) woman greenscreen TikTok over Instagram post with caption 'MY BABY' 'aka strangers online meet her 3 year old daughter' (r)

‘The parasocial relationships on social media are out of control’: Influencer called out for announcing ‘meet-and-greet tour’ for 3-year-old daughter

The announcement got people talking about child exploitation on social media.

On Feb 25, 2023 by Audra Schroeder

Rep. David Eastman speaking in front of yellow wall with wooden cube pattern

‘Talking dollars’: Pro-life Alaska Republican says society benefits when child abuse turns fatal

He put a price tag on a child's life.

On Feb 22, 2023 by Claire Goforth

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‘Now how did they think that was good socially acceptable idea’: Balenciaga accused of promoting ‘child porn’ content in ad campaign

'The intention behind these images is clear.'

On Nov 21, 2022 by Cecilia Lenzen

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‘I would’ve called 911’: Man films toddler left alone in car while mother shops inside convenience store, sparking debate

'People still thinking its the 1970s and it's ok to do this.'

On Oct 16, 2022 by Jack Alban

ex husband raises awareness about ex partners abuse tiktok

‘He’s out here making TikTok videos with zero remorse’: Creator accuses ex-husband and TikTok star of abuse

'I think that people should know the kind of monster that they're dealing with.'

On Sep 18, 2022 by Jack Alban

Instagram account blurred out with bio circled in red 'Managed and monitored by mom' (l) man speaking in front of purple lighted background (c) Instagram account blurred out with bio circled in red 'supervised by mum' with arrow pointing to followers and caption 'Look familiar?' (r)

‘Attention DOJ’: TikTokers spin wildly unfounded tale of child sex abuse cover-up in the wake of Patreon layoffs

The claims don't add up.

On Sep 13, 2022 by Mikael Thalen

woman speaking in car hand on mouth caption 'What's wren?? I have my daughter on my tiktok so I'm curious' (l) woman hand on head caption 'Me deleting any TikTok my daughter is in, removing tons of followers from my Instagram and setting it to private after hearing about Wren. Dear Jesus, we are ready for you.' (c) woman speaking in car hands together caption 'Whats sad is that now this gives more attention' (r)

TikTok moms are removing videos of their children following concerns of exploitation of 3-year-old Wren Eleanor

'You can control the content you post of your own children on social media.'

On Jul 17, 2022 by Gisselle Hernandez

woman speaking outside (l) police officer back turned on yellow background (c) woman speaking outside (r)

‘I’m not the only one ready to talk’: A TikToker calls out to family members of ‘bad cops,’ sparking debate about police and domestic abuse

'Bad cops is redundant.'

On Jun 12, 2022 by Jack Alban

man speaking caption 'Trigger Warning:Emotional Abuse' 'which is a clear sign of emotional abuse' (l) Little girl crying smashing phone with hammer dad next to her caption 'Trigger Warning:Emotional Abuse' 'Daddy is tired of mama being disrespected' (c) man talking caption 'Warning Trigger:Emotional Abuse' 'doesn't mean that she is not emotionally distressed' (r)

‘She is being forced to do something that she would never on her own do’: Dad called out for ‘emotional abuse’ in viral TikTok, sparking debate

'It’s not ever okay to humiliate and emotionally destroy a human.'

On May 15, 2022 by Jack Alban

Pinterest app from appstore on phone on wooden table

‘I’m sickened’: A woman allegedly found child exploitation images on Pinterest and parents are terrified

'This is very, very common among all social media.'

On May 8, 2022 by Dan Latu

Person playing the video game Clash Royale (L) TikTok (R)

People are allegedly hiding illegal porn in Clash Royale gameplay TikToks

A popular creator called it 'one of the biggest problems on all of TikTok.'

On Feb 22, 2022 by Charlotte Colombo

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‘If they had a little boy tho’: Lincoln Project cofounder savaged for going on pompous tirade about how he protected Claudia Conway from abuse

The group has been accused of covering up cofounders' sexual impropriety with young men and boys.

On Nov 12, 2021 by Claire Goforth

In a TikTok, a woman is seen yelling at a child in Costco.

‘People are calling the cops because you’re acting like a moron’: Woman berates child at Costco in viral TikTok

'His body language speaks volumes.'

On Nov 9, 2021 by Tricia Crimmins

A woman hurting a child.

Nanny caught force-feeding toddler as he screams for help in viral TikTok

In the video, the boy screams for help as Lauren Rowe holds his wrists behind his high chair.

On Nov 1, 2021 by Kahron Spearman