Rob Gronkowski will spike anything you want

The NFL‘s favorite bro is ready to spike whatever you want into the ground. And he wants to do it for charity.

Thus, if you desire New England Patriots star tight end Rob Gronkowski to spike a watermelon, he’ll damn well spike a watermelon. He’ll Gronk-spike a honeydew melon. If it’s anything resembling a melon, he’ll spike it (I assume this includes cantaloupes, as well).

The man who’s famous for spiking a football really, really hard after he scores a touchdown—and he’s scored 54 of them during his five- year career—Gronkowski is willing to be a Gronk-spiking machine.

He’s even gotten Lionel Richie involved in the project.


Other than Richie—and a piñata mustache (!!)—the video gets kind of repetitive. It’s basically Gronkowski throwing things hard on the pavement outside of his party bus. But if you bro out when you see the ultimate bro, enjoy the next two minutes.

Screengrab via Omaze/YouTube

Josh Katzowitz

Josh Katzowitz

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