Need a prom date? Try bringing a camera crew. 

For some, spamming porn stars on Twitter is the way to get a prom date. Others may take the old-fashioned route, albeit with a camera in tow.

Robbie Jackson, who goes to school in Indianapolis, took a camera crew with him as he asked a number of students and one teacher to the prom. He asked each prospect if she was going to the prom and if she had a date, before donning a waistcoat and suit jacket to pop the big question.

In one instance, 18-year-old Jackson interviews a couple and finds out the young gentleman had not yet asked his lady to the prom. Sensing an opportunity, Jackson swoops in to ask her out, too.

All was not as it first seems, however, as Robbie is part of a group that makes “silly videos for school.” It’s the latest in a series of shoots where Robbie looks for love in all the wrong places. In fact, Robbie doesn’t have any intention of attending the prom.

The latest video was made for Jackson’s school-news show, though he posts some of the clips he makes for the show on the Web.

“None of the girls exactly knew what was going on, but I’m sure a few had maybe seen my videos in the past and saw it coming,” Jackson told the Daily Dot. “But a couple of the interviews involved me just walking into random classrooms and asking them.”

The fun video has snagged more than 20,000 views since being posted on YouTube Monday. The clip hit it big on Reddit as well.

“You are so wonderfully good at being awkward,” lawlolawl144 told Jackson, who posted the video on Reddit himself.

Another redditor, MJBBOY, praised Jackson’s acting skills and encouraged the teen to make a move into comedy.

Though Jackson enjoys making the videos, it’s not his main passion.

“I have been making videos ever since 6th grade with my best friend. … It would be cool to make a career out of making videos, but my real passion is writing and performing music,” Jackson said. “My goal is to attend a university and see what opportunities come my way, whether it is through music or making stupid videos like these.”

While Jackson’s friends enjoy his videos, not too many of his classmates know about the success he’s had online.

“For the most part it’s fun, but it feels weird getting all this attention. I don’t honestly find myself funny enough to receive this kind of attention. But hey, I’m enjoying it!”

With hilarious videos like this one, Jackson will surely be a success no matter what he ends up doing.

Photo via YouTube

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