YouTube right now! Safe sex for seniors

The safest way for senior citizens to have sex: in a private place far from the eyes of any women and children. The second: reverse cowgirl and strapped with a trusty condom—always.

That part about the condom—or “rubber” for those of the Greatest Generation—is at the forefront of Safer Sex for Seniors‘s most recent public service announcement video, released on YouTube under the title “Safe Sex for Seniors.” The 30-second video is a Kama Sutra for the senior circuit, a how-to for a slew of sex moves that’ll have grandma and grandpa queued up in positions the two haven’t tried since their days of shuffling to “The Charleston.”

The video’s not all fun and games and freaky granny love, though. As SS4S notes midway through, sexually transmitted diseases have risen 71% among senior citizens in Florida in the past five years.

“While there are many ways to do it,” the video says a few seconds later, “there’s only one way to do it safely. Use a condom.”

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to wash our eyeballs out with soap.

Photo via YouTube

Chase Hoffberger

Chase Hoffberger

Chase Hoffberger reported on YouTube, web culture, and crime for the Daily Dot until 2013, when he joined the Austin Chronicle. Until late 2018, he served as that paper’s news editor and reported on criminal justice and politics.