A tribute to the majestic and psychedelic musings of @NotBillWalton, the best sports parody account in the game. 

Everywhere you look on Twitter there are new accounts parodying nearly everything and everyone. But no matter what the subject, the popularity of an account is often determined by a combination of timing, brevity, and creativity.

In that regard, @NotBillWalton, an account parodying hall of fame basketball player and sportscaster Bill Walton, pulls a triple-double.

Like Walton himself, the account is chock full of psychedelic musings, often slipping into fantastical and hyperbolic metaphors.

“Beckoning the weaponry of Medieval Europe, Taj Gibson pulls out his plate armor dagger & stabs it through the heart of the feeble Heat!” he tweeted on Thursday night.

@NotBillWaton keeps things fresh by mixing in current events, like North Korea’s failed rocket launch. But he’s also brash and unafraid to criticize some of the biggest names in sports (just search the hashtag, #thingstoponderatnight), particularly when it comes to the Miami Heat.

“Miami Sound Machine > Miami Heat,” tweeted the account Thursday night.

In 2011 @NotBillWalton won National Lampoon’s Twitter Award for ‘Best Fake Feed’ and was nominated this year for three Shorty Awards.

As part of its ongoing series Worth 1,000 Words, the Daily Dot decided to make the parody account the subject of Friday’s column.

Each week we chose one influential Twitter user and generate a custom-word cloud to see what is on a persons mind. Like most word clouds, the bigger the word appears, the more often it has been used in a person’s tweets.

Here’s a look at the words @NotBillWalton used in his last 50 tweets or so.

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