#WeirdWednesday: Robin Williams enters the Shire


The Twitter account @HobbitWilliams reimagines the Oscar-winning comedian as one of the hairy-footed hobbit. 

Robin Williams would probably make a very annoying hobbit. Yes. Hoho!

The Twitter account @HobbitWilliams reimagines the Oscar-winning comedian as one of the hairy-footed little people of J.R.R. Tolkien’s the Shire. It also makes a good case as to why even the relatively pacifist Frodo Baggins might slap him upside the head.

In Williams’s defence, much of his humor stems from his often-manic delivery, which is lost to the plain-text stylings of Twitter. The account, with just 11 tweets and 526 followers, does a grand job of aping his vocal tics and stream-of-consciousness style of comedy, albeit from the perspective of a half-man.

Williams is a man whom I often find funny, but this has caused me to take a hard look at my sense of humor. If this mashup is anything to go by, his Lord of The Rings standup material would be simply Orc-ful.

Photo via Hobbit Williams/Twitter

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