Sacha Baron Cohen’s alter ego takes pot shots at Silicon Valley on Twitter.

Careful targeting and data analysis played a key role in Barack Obama’s successful reelection.

His campaign placed a strong focus on big data, collections of all kinds of socioeconomic and demographic data at large scales, with studious analysis helping officials determine the best ways to approach voters during canvassing.

What you may not know is that famed (and fictional) Kazakhstani journalist Borat Sagdiyev is also a big data scientist. Or at least, it would appear that way from Twitter’s @BigDataBorat.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s alter ego is more than just a satirical cultural commentator, folks. Since March he’s shared skewed, often funny thoughts on the Hadoop framework used in big data applications, popular developer news site Hacker News, and Michelle Obama’s health initiative.

Photo via @BigDataBorat/Twitter

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