900 tweets later, Kaven Marenger has yet to garner the attention of the R&B star. 

He’s different from all the other guys, Rihanna. He doesn’t care about the fame. You two could have beautiful conversations together, seriously, Rihanna, if only you could see this.

Kaven Marenger is a man after Rihanna’s heart—freakishly and without any sense of remorse. He is absolutely devoted, hell-bent on earning himself a date or conversation or anything with the pop megastar, going so far as to court the dynamic beauty on Twitter.

Since May 11, 2011, the Quebec native has sent over 900 tweets in response to Rihanna’s posts. Each one arrives as woefully desperate as the first.

“What’s important for you in a true relationship?” Marenger asked the pop star on Sunday.

“Any in your family was afraid to fly at the beginning ???” he implored just a few hours later.

“How was your mother day?” he asked at 4:16 am Eastern Time this morning.

Marenger is obsessed, but no matter what he does, he cannot win the attention of his one true love. Every single one of Marenger’s tweets to the pop star have fallen on deaf ears.

There’s no telling if Marenger’s fascination is legit or rather the product of some devout trolling, but the rest of his online presence is about as strange as his Twitter feed (which has earned him zero followers despite the fact that some posts receive a bevy of retweets).

His Facebook page, which lists him as a Marlartic, Quebec, native born on Nov. 24, only indicates that he has 45 friends. His profile photos (he has 25) indicate that he’s a family man, religious, and prone to parting his hair in the middle. There might be a child in his life, but it also could be a niece or nephew. No pictures show any sign of a romantic interest (besides Rihanna, of course) and there’s no wedding ring to be found.

Naturally, he lists Rihanna among his 45 likes, along with Final Fantasy X, tennis, Bill Gates, and Rafael Nadal. (Here’s to diversity of interests, Kaven!)

Marenger also has a Google+ account, though any information he’s posted remains private. Only one person is listed in his circle: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Surely he’s waiting for Rihanna to join the embattled community before he adds lucky number two.

Photo via Kaven Marenger

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