Jón Gnarr, mayor of Iceland’s capital city, had Redditors laughing, but also made some salient political observations during an Ask Me Anything interview Tuesday.

Jón Gnarr, the mayor of Reykjavík, Iceland, is not a normal politician. Most mayors of capital cities, for instance, don’t identify as anarchists, haven’t spent years acting on television comedies, and don’t have spouses with Björk singles named after them.

On Tuesday, the day after redditors requested his presence, Gnarr appeared on the site, and unlike other politicians—like members of the U.S. Congress or President Barack Obama, for example—Gnarr was actually kind of funny.

Here are seven hilarious answers (and two somewhat sobering ones) he shared with redditors.

is it true that a mad man once ran after you with a hammer in a grocery store and everyone thought you were joking? (aronatom)

Yes, that’s true. It really was a sledgehammer.

Why do you think you have been accepted as an atypicial statesman while other politicians (especially American) are so afraid of stepping out of the social norm? (BrowningHighPower)

Probably because of the smallness of this country I live in. We are only 320.000 and practically everyone is friends on facebook.

Do you want Iceland to join the European Union? Why? (krattr)

I have no opinion and I think the importance of it is hugely overrated.

My Secret santa just sent me a bottle of Ópal. How would you recommend drinking it? (telecastah)

I wouldn’t.

what are your concerns on global warming? Islands are generally more at risk to rising water levels (Ginger_breadman)

Global warming is a fact. But I think the effects on Iceland are mainly positive. The weather is improving every year.

Do you agree that you can still philosophically be an anarchist while working inside the system to try and improve things now? (black-sun-rising)

I am not an anarchist because it’s the perfect political theory. I am an anarchist because there is no such thing as the perfect political theory. What has affected my anarchistic ideas most is the internet.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done in office? Like actually in your office. (FueledByTesla)

Undressed after being in drag on Gay Pride. Taking a shower only to find out the shower didn’t work. And sometimes I like to go out on the balcony when the pond is frozen and some children are playing on the ice and yell: “This is private property! Go away or I’m calling the police!”

How many hot dogs have you eaten in one sitting at that amazing hot dog stand in Reykjavik Center? (nobodysdiary)

I sometimes have two hotdogs in one bun. My record is four hotdogs, two buns.

favourite place in Iceland that doesn’t start with a “Rey” and end with “kjavik”? (SoHoNoVo)

Then I would have to say Reykjavík.

Many folks in the US think fondly of an ‘outside’ public figure (Jon Stewart, Colbert) seriously running for office. Some have run and won, like Al Franken, but their work in office is perceived as ‘business as usual.’ What advice would you have for these sorts of candidates/politicians to maintain their independence? (vince_clortho1)

I don’t know. Your system is much more brutal than ours. There is just so much a man can take.

Is Bjork considered to be normal in your country? (Cannibalzz)


Photo via @Jon_Gnarr

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