Daniel Rogers, the cofounder of Reddit’s pizza-giving community, r/Random_Acts_of_Pizza, will appear tonight on the Oprah Winfrey Network. 

The charitable, pizza-giving collective, r/Random_Acts_of_Pizza, was one of the best new communities to rise up on Reddit last year. Even big names in media, from ABC News to CNN, took notice.

But after that first slathering of attention, the subreddit has largely fallen off the media’s radar, even as the community continued to balloon in size; it currently sits at about 13,000 subscribers.

That all changes today when Daniel Rogers, r/Random_Acts_of_Pizza’s cofounder, sits down for a chat on The Rosie Show.

“As always, most of the credit goes to everyone else,” Rogers, whose day job is an attorney, wrote on Reddit. “I’m just glad I got to be a small part of this community.”

Rogers said the episode was filmed in October at his home in San Antonio.

Earlier this week, the community’s users uncovered a fraudster: A man had used multuple Reddit accounts to nab a boatload of free pizzas, then bragged about it on YouTube. Scams, in fact, are a pretty regular occurrence on the subreddit (and Reddit’s charitable sections in general).

So should the community’s pizza do-gooders be worried that this new round of media attention will alert even more Internet con artists?

No way, Rogers wrote: “When we had the ABC News coverage (which reached many MANY more people than the Rosie show will reach) we had a huge influx of GIVERS. The ratio actually improved from the coverage.”

So don’t worry, pizza fans. When O’Donnell is finished, there will be even more pies to go around.

The show airs at 7 p.m. EST on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Image by Seth W

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