Before you do it, consider checking in via that condom QR code.

You can check-in to the coffee shop, you can check-in to the corner store. You can check-in when you buy your lunch, and now you can now check-in when you score.

Thanks to the QR code-enabled condoms passed out by US-based sexual and reproductive health organization Planned Parenthood as part of its “Where Did You Wear It?” campaign, it is now possible to check-in every time you have sex.

When you come into possession of the coded condoms you can announce that they’re about to do the dirty by scanning the QR code and entering in a few pieces of basic information: your age, your partner’s gender, whether or not you’ve talked about safe sex, and, of course, how the sex went—on a scale of “Things can only improve from here” to “Ah-maz-ing – Rainbows exploded and mountains trembled.”

Somewhat surprisingly, not everyone has been quick to crown themselves king of that mountain.

Across the United States, users have championed the campaign as a great way to spread the gospel of safe sex.

“I thought it was kinda lame once I entered the website, but them [sic] I opened the map and saw the amazing amount of people who were actually checking in and setting an example,” Melissa de Miranda wrote on the campaign’s Facebook page. “I started scrolling down and saw that Brazil (my country) has the most check-ins in South America and was like ‘wow, this feels positive!’

“I’m so happy they made a site like this to promote the use of condoms,” added Lindy Brown. “I hope this reaches out to some teens trying to be adults to be more protective against pregnancy but stds the most. Keep with it!”

Photo from Facebook

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