Pinterest’s absurdly posh interior decorating fantasies


This week’s biggest trending pins were all about rooms—big, gorgeous rooms that we wish we could afford.

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A roof over one’s head is a basic human need. But who doesn’t fantasize about living in an enormous abode lousy with luxuries?

It’s a reality for very few, but pinners don’t mind pining for it—to the point that dream house pinboards are one of Pinterest’s most lasting stereotypes.

Ridiculously large and sumptuously decorated homes were all over the site’s most popular pins this week. Take a house tour of pinners’ wildest interior decorating fantasies:

1) A living room as large as a school gymnasium (original pin)

2) A bathroom as big as an NYC apartment (original pin)

3) A luxe designer bedroom (original pin)

4) A kitchen with vaulted ceilings (original pin)

5) A laundry room with a design scheme (original pin)

6) An enormous playground for the kids (original pin)

7) And the least necessary luxury of all—a two-story closet (original pin)

All photos via Pinterest


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