For 15 days in a row, Zach Curd’s wife woke him up with a hard slap. And it’s all on video for your amusement.

Getting out of bed can be a Herculean task for a lot of people. Some folks, i.e. us, set up multiple alarm clocks just to tear themselves out of bed.

Zach Curd, a musician living in Livonia, Mich., takes the cake for most ridiculous way to wake up. Curd asked his wife Erin to wake him up every morning by slapping him for 15 consecutive days.

All 15 brutal wake up calls were recorded by Erin and edited into a hilarious 1:45 video. Even better, said footage was uploaded to YouTube, much to everyone’s delight.

Our favorite moment is Day 11, when Erin discovers a nifty little trick that causes her husband to position himself perfectly for a good slap.

This YouTube gem is actually a year and a half old, but it only gained traction online Fridaywhen it was submitted to the Reddit subsection r/videos by user moviehousearcade, who claims to be friends with Curd.

The video has elicited 1642 comments, making it to Reddit’s front page. Since it landed on the popular social news site, the clip has jumped from 3,000 views to more than 40,000.

Photo via Zach Curd/YouTube

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