Aaron Allsop wants to bang a gong, get it on, and post the results to YouTube. 

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Sometimes the finest Kickstarter campaigns are concocted late at night in the back of a gas station.

Just ask Aaron Allsop, a 24-year old native of Rexburg, Ind., whose YouTube channel, Awkward Moments in Life, captures the true charisma and charm of today’s prankster-prone youth.

Allsop’s been a man on a mission since stepping out of that gas station. That mission: to bang a gong into the naked ear of just about everybody he can sneak up behind and surprise at a moment’s notice.

“It was one of those late night ideas where nobody was thinking straight,” Allsop told the Daily Dot. “We started looking online for gongs and found this old Stooges gong for $350. I already have this YouTube series where we’ve reenacted awkward moments that I’ve experienced in life. What’s more awkward than somebody coming up behind you and smacking a mallet against a gong?”

The young rabble-rouser drew up a Kickstarter campaign the next morning, queueing up his Awkward Moments alter-ego Stirling T. Casablancas to explain You Just Got Gonged, the Web series that he’ll launch if he can raise $500 to buy a gong by June 17.

“The concept is simple – we go up behind people in public with a gong and bong the gong – surprising them and instilling laughter in all that watch. This is more than your average “prank” show – this is a new web series with many possibilities.”

Allsop’s idea puts the young man a drum beat away from getting labeled as a seriously misconstrued one-trick pony, but he’s got ideas on how to keep the show fresh. As he told it, there are all sorts of places you can “get gonged”: gong ’em in a library, gong ‘em in the park; gong ’em at their front door, gong ’em at the store.  

What’s his dream gong setting? Allsop had his answer before the question closed out:

“It’s gotta be the Library of Congress with a 40-inch gong,” he said. “It’s the biggest library in the country, and there are a whole ton of people. It just seems like something that Stirling T. Casablancas would do.There’s something funny to me about taking a proper gentleman and throwing him into the Library of Congress with a gong to hit.”

Funny to him, at least.

To everybody else? We’ll have to wait and see if this gong show gets funded.

Kickstopper: You Just Got Gonged

  • Location: Rexburg, Ind.
  • Summary: The host of Awkward Moments in Life wants to launch a Web series that allows him to bang a gong in people’s ears and then run away.
  • Amount raised of press time: $190
  • Days left: 24
  • Best buy: For $50, backers will receive a T-shirt that says “You Just Got Gonged!” and a personalized video from Stirling T. Casablancas. “The story may not be true, but it will be awesome,” Allsop wrote.

Photo via Kickstarter

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