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All the paint dried at your place? Try these…

If trolling Reddit like a 13-year-old is a sign of extraordinary boredom, then Digg founder Kevin Rose must be experiencing an existential level of malaise. Flush with not very much cash from the sale of Digg in early July, Rose started an “ask me anything” (AMA) session on the social news site Tuesday night. He even tweeted the link from his official Twitter account, lending the whole thing a measure of authenticity.

In less than an hour he’d collected more than a hundred questions. But he never responded to a single one.

Then he took a trip to Alcatraz island.

“On Alcatraz!” he tweeted, adding an Instagram photograph of the San Francisco skyline at night. It was a pretty OK photo. But that was it. Rose disappeared from social media for the rest of the night.

Was Rose intentionally antagonizing Reddit, the competitor that demolished Digg and made it look like a veritable Alta Vista of social news? Who knows? The AMA could have been fake to begin with—maybe Rose thought it would be just absolutely hilarious to tweet out a link to a phony post on Reddit.

Or maybe he just figured he could come back a day later and answer questions then. But that’s just not how AMAs work. And we kind of doubt the former alleged king of the Internet is that ignorant of, you know, the Internet.

Anyway, here are a bunch of things more exciting than Rose’s AMA.

1) This AMA.

2) Cows eating grass

3) 10 hours of pure black screen

4) This photograph of Mitt Romney:

5) This Wikipedia article

6) Oatmeal

7) This subreddit

8) Alta Vista

Photo via Kevin Rose/Twitter

A double AMA fail at Reddit
If you're doing an AMA on Reddit, please make sure you hit the "reply" button. 
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