Why celebrate once a year when you can enjoy these Twitter accounts EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Monday is International Caps Lock Day on the Internet, and that means your friends and family might grab that shift key and HOLD ON. But clearly, that’s a one-day gimmick. Why not follow the masters, the people keep their caps lock on all year?

Here are five Twitter accounts who you can trust to be on point for Caps Lock Day, since they’re on point every day.

1) Drew Magary ALLCAPS (@drewmagary_RANT) // 1,082 followers

Those familiar with Drew Margery, the sports/comedy/gentlemen’s issues writer for Deadspin and GQ, know that his rants often surge into ALL CAPS PHRASES when he wants to make fun of somebody’s wrongheaded viewpoint. That’s inspired one noble soul (we don’t know his or her identity except that it’s one of the 7,073,577,165 people on Earth who are not Drew Magary) to create @drewmagary_RANT, a Twitter account devoted to spitting out each of those all caps phrases, and nothing else, devoid of context.

2) Gregory Erskine (@gregerskine) // 5,012 followers

@gregerskine, apparently helmed by an occasional cartoonist named Greg Erskine, fits firmly into the category of weird Twitter. That means its tweets tends to evoke little vignettes that are short, funny, adolescent and, well, weird.

3) Daniel Manitou (@ActualPerson084) // 7,072 followers

Daniel Manitou claims to be a “real person,” one who “ who enjoys riding bicycles, music, and Twitter,” and not a “metal ghost in devil box,” but the tweets emanating from @ActualPerson084 suggest otherwise. He’s created a unique style of evoking hellish, Lovecraftian, horror-movie landscapes that he juxtaposes with real-life mundanity—like a nightmare interrupted by a commercial.

4) Various Hulks

Just like in the comics, there are many iterations of the Hulk on Twitter—Film Critic, Drunk, Grammarian, Feminist. While their appeals vary (Jaded Punk Rocker is pitch-perfect to anyone with a working knowledge of classic punk scenes; NewfieHulk probably only works if you’re into Newfoundland-specific humor), at least all of them have the decency to type in all caps.

5) ZODIAC MOTHERFUCKER (@ZODIAC_MF) // 8,856 followers

Possibly the greatest champion of “ownage” on the Internet, ZODIAC MOTHERFUCKER is a consistent Internet personality, split somewhere between caricature and anonymous real person, that’s been around for years on Twitter, the A.V. Club, and Deadspin. Though we know little else about him, MOTHERFUCKER is open about his penchants: for on-screen violence (both in his deep breadth of cinema and his love of shaky YouTube fight videos), video games, drinking, Detroit, and women.

Photo via Gregory Erkskine/Twitter

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