16 Israeli Defense Forces infantry members arranged their bodies to spell out “Bibi loser” in Hebrew.

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It’s a Facebook share so controversial, it’s prompted an investigation by the Israeli Defense Forces.

16 IDF soldiers, identified as infantry by their red boots, arranged themselves in Hebrew letters to say “Bibi loser”—a knock on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, known as Bibi, who refused to send ground troops into Palestinian territories.

Though much of the world welcomed news that Israel and Palestine reached a ceasefire agreement on Wednesday, some Israelis were concerned that Netanyahu never sent in ground troops. On several occasions, he ordered infantry groups to cross into Palestinian territories, only to call them back before they crossed the border.

The eight-day-long conflict consisted largely of rockets fired by Hamas into Israel, and Israel attacking Palestinian targets with air strikes. The U.N.’s Office of Coordination of Human Affairs estimated 55 Palestinian militants were killed by the strikes, as well as 103 civilians, 30 of whom were children. Two IDF soldiers and four Israeli civilians were also reported killed in the conflict.

It’s unclear who the soldiers are or when the photo was taken, but the IDF told the Times of Israel that it discourages soldiers from expressing political opinions while in military uniform.

As it’s been shared multiple times on Facebook, it’s unclear exactly how popular the photo is, but at least one iteration has more than 3,000 shares.

Photo via מבזקי חדשות – עוטף עזה/Facebook

Kevin Collier

Kevin Collier

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