A Hunger Games parody account tries to crack antiracist jokes. But it’s not gaining much traction.

Following the release of the film The Hunger Games, hundreds of fans complained on Twitter about producers casting dark-skinned actors as some of their favorite characters.

Many of the accounts featuring these racially charged tweets have since been shut down or suspended, but one of them is making a comedic comeback.

Over the last 24 hours the Twitter account @maggie_mcd11 has been tweeting non-stop, using the phrase “not gonna lie” to crack racially-based jokes about alcoholism, cell phones, and of course, The Hunger Games. The account description says, “this is an antiracist parody account.”

“[W]hy do hunger games tributes have to be black,” tweeted the account early Wednesday afternoon. “[N]ot gonna lie kinda ruined japanese children killing each other.”

From the high number of tweets made over the last day, and the fact that the account has been tweeting at celebrities like Sean Combs and Spike Lee, @maggie_mcd11 is desperately trying to build a following. But with only 164 followers, it looks like its racist tweets aren’t making many people laugh.

Photo via Hunger Games Tweets

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