The company, whose “Legalize Love” campaign advocates for marriage equality worldwide, has released a video focusing on the four U.S. states that will vote on marriage this November.

Julio at Google supports marriage equality, and he wants you to know that his employer does, too.

In a new video produced by Google, employees explain why the marriage equality bills on the ballot in four U.S. states personally matter to them. Voters in Minnesota, Maine, Maryland, and Washington are facing referendums next month about the legality of gay marriage.

The one-minute clip features Googlers describing how their fight for marriage equality is not only political, but very personal. An engaged, male employee said he is finding it very difficult to get married to his partner, calling the laws restricting him “kind of tough.”

Other Googlers called this the “civil rights issue of our generation,” and added that civil rights should “never be up for a vote.”

“But the fact that is is, means that we have to get people behind the cause as much as possible,” said one purple-clad employee.

The search giant has made no secret of its gay-friendly views. In July, Google announced a worldwide campaign called “Legalize Love,” to combat anti-gay laws in countries where the company has offices. Removing restrictions on same-sex marriage would help Google attract any employee it wants to hire, regardless of orientation.

Google’s latest pro-marriage campaign is a collaboration with TheFour.com, a social media-based campaign raising awareness for marriage equality. The organization previously created videos featuring gay couples in the four states with marriage laws on the ballot this November.

Photo via LifeatGoogle/YouTube

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