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Fan Will Staney reached out to the popular, indie rock band before the show on Twitter. 

Foster the People sees many unusual tweets directed at them daily. But an intriguing question from fan Will Staney still managed to catch the indie rock band’s attention.

Staney, 28, wanted to propose to his girlfriend of two years, Mallory Snodgrass, on stage at Foster the People’s sold-out concert earlier this week in Austin, Texas. He politely tweeted his request.  

It worked.

Staney told the Daily Dot that while trying to figure how to properly pop the question to his girlfriend, he heard  the song “Houdini” by Foster the People. He knew his proposal had to involve the couple’s favorite band. So, he took a gamble and tweeted at Mark Foster, the band’s lead vocalist and the guy behind @FosterThePeople Twitter account.

“I honestly didn’t know what they would say or if Mark Foster would even reply, but I had a feeling he would,” Staney wrote.

The band direct messaged him back two hours later asking how he wanted to do it. Staney figured the chances of his girlfriend finding out were slim, since she doesn’t check Twitter often and his friends who saw the tweet promised to keep it a secret.

With the logistics figured out with FTP’s assistant, a plan was hatched. Staney took his girlfriend backstage (he told her that he knew a venue employee) at Tuesday’s concert.

Prior to the band playing “Houdini,” they were ushered on the stage, and Staney tweeted: “I’m about to propose to my girlfriend on stage with @fosterthepeople. She has no idea. ;)”

“Baby, I love you so much,” Staney said as the crowd roared. (A half-dozen videos of the incident were uploaded to YouTube.) “Mallary Ann Snodgrass, will you marry me?” She said yes.

“I could feel the energy from the crowd while doing it and a sense that everyone was rooting for me which really pumped me up while I was on stage and gave me strength and confidence,” wrote Stanley, reflecting on the overwhelming moment.

“Congrats bro! That was unforgettable,” Foster the People tweeted shortly after.

An unforgettable moment not only shared by those at the concert but now, with everyone on Twitter.

Photo via Twitter

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