New Facebook photo proves Derek Jeter isn’t really fat


Days after “Fat Jeter” racked up huge shares on Facebook, users are spreading a new photo of the shortstop. In this one, he’s slim as a beanpole.

Every day, the Daily Dot finds something that people on Facebook are sharing and, in turn, shares it with you—with a little explanation. Here’s today’s share.

The true test of whether someone’s fat or not, apparently, lies in the latest picture to circulate around the Net.

Mere days after a photo of New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter, sporting a noticeable potbelly, racked up huge shares, Facebook users are spreading a reportedly new photo of the shortstop. In this one, he’s slim as a beanpole.

That first photo, which ran on the New York Post’s front page Friday—headline: “DEREK EATER”—went viral. Even BuzzFeed poked fun at “Fat Jeter.” It clearly was captured at a less-than-ideal moment for the multimillionaire shortstop, currently rehabbing an ankle fracture.

But a newer photo, posted by the MLB Network, shows a noticably slimmer Jeter standing with analyst Harold Reynolds. Snapped Sunday, it “sets the record straight on The Captain’s weight,” according to its caption.

Of course, this being Facebook, not everyone’s convinced.

“Harold Reynolds is now just as fat as Jeter,” commented Jeff Murwin.

Photo via MLB Network/Facebook

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