Some 200,000 Facebookers like this baby, but no one seems to be congratulating the actual mother or grandmother.

Every day, the Daily Dot finds something that people on Facebook are sharing and, in turn, shares it with you—with a little explanation. Here’s today’s share.

A funny thing happened when gardening writer Kylee Baumle posted a photo of her newborn granddaughter, Hannah, to her public Facebook page.

People loved it. Legions like it too—nearly 225,000 have expressed that with a Facebook click. But what’s exceedingly odd is that commenters are congratulating all sorts of people who aren’t Baumie, or Hannah’s mom, Jenna.

“She is exquistive Linda…..thanks for sharing,” wrote Hallie Quick.

Of course, neither Hannah’s mom nor grandmother are named Linda. What happened, presumably, is that someone named Linda hit “share” on the photo, and Facebook user Hallie Quick thought Linda actually took the picture.

This is not a simple mistake made by just one person. There are nearly 100,000 comments on the photo, and a startling number get the baby’s family wrong. To wit:

Emily Johnson: “Your new Grand Daughter! Gloria ?? she is a sweetheart!”

Cecil Douglas Andrews: “she is very pretty Denise .”

Kathy Erdman: “She’s beautiful, Cindy!”

Julie Boreman: “She’s beautiful! Congrats Christy!”

Rita Faidley: “Congrats Susie, she is just beautiful!!!”

Nadia Letourneau: “oh BEV.HOW BEAUTIFUL!!”

Billy Mitchell: “Congratulations Randolph and Mollie. She is beautiful.”

Val Scott- Grills: “she’s beautiful Patti!”

Connie Foster: “Oh Karen,she is beautiful and so precious congrads !!!”

Edrie Poor-Wright: “I am so happy for your Cathy”

Lynne Gayle Bickley Collins: “Beautiful Little Baby–Congratulations Cheryll !!!!”

Janet Gilardi: “Marguerite, she is beautiful”

Elaine Adams: “Congrats Nancy!!”

Benjamin Davis: “Congrats Marjie..a cutie !!”

Janet Bell: “rhonda shes just beautiful”

Jody Krafsur Nolan: “Leslie, She’s absolutely perfect! You lucky person!”

Carol Kammerer: “awe, Ruby. You are so blessed.”

“Apparently, when you post a photo of a beautiful baby (and that’s something that everyone who comments seems to agree on), it’s like the internets get sprinkled with magical fairy dust,” Baumie wrote in her blog.

At least one Facebook user had the wherewithal to realize something was up. “whose baby is she?” asked Janet Taggart Mayorga.

Photo via Our Little Acre/Facebook

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