Students at Trinity College Dublin have started a Facebook page for anonymously flirting with the hotties they spot at the campus’s libraries.

Before there was the Internet, newspaper classifieds, fliers on lamp posts, and messages pinned to bulletin boards were just some of the “old school” ways people tried to connect with that special stranger, otherwise known as a missed connection.

Today, those methods have been eclipsed by websites like Craigslist and Facebook, where a missed connection page for Dublin University Library is bringing people together in a hilariously creepy way.

The page “Spotted: TCD Library” was started anonymously Sunday and has already collected more than 4,000 likes and three dozen posts worth of cheesy pickup lines and late night invitations.

“To the couple in the Usher basement – Are you filming a scene for Redtube?” an anonymous user wrote on Facebook Thursday.

Trinity College Dublin has more than 24,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The school was established in 1854 and is the largest in Ireland.

The following are some of the funniest posts on the Facebook page thus far:

To the tall,dark, handsome guy in the lecky, whos stuck in his books, rarely taking any time to look up and let me get a glimps of his oh-so-gorgeous face,,, get stuck into me instead? #suchadistraction 😉

To the guy with the grey hat and maroon shoes that just walked into 1st floor Ussher library…you’re prettier than most the girls I know…

Spotted Hamilton Library. Babe in blue. Sat down and got up and walked out.

to the boy that looks like jesus christ superstar in the corner of the lit soc lib, you look ike jesus christ superstar.

‘To the girl sitting beside me in the 24hr squeezing out a few sneaky farts, I CAN hear you!….. In fairness though yer a little piece, so you can come back to mine and fart on my face all night long. xoxo’

To the girl in the green jumper eating lunch in the Mac lab.. gimme a bite smells good.

Photo by Muffet/Flickr

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