Turns out the beautiful home life the two curated on the site was the effect of good editing—not good chemistry. 

Looks can be deceiving.

Maxwell and Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan of interior design megablog Apartment Therapy have one of the most beautiful homes in New York City.

However, the New York Post is reporting that their home life isn’t looking as good. An anonymous source told the paper that the couple is filing for divorce.

“They are separating, and nobody knows what the hell is going to happen to the site,” the source said. “This despite the fact they’ve been very public in sharing their lives as a happy couple living in New York City in a small apartment, with a small child.”

Since Maxwell founded the site in 2004, Apartment Therapy has become the Web’s top hub for apartment voyeurism, attracting more than one million visitors per month. The couple’s penchant for “small, cool spaces,” including the 265-square-foot apartment they revamped to accommodate a newborn baby, even caught the eye of the New York Times.

But behind the paradisiacal photographs of the couple’s blissful home, Stylelist reported there have been warning signs signaling the split from as early as two months ago, when Maxwell blogged the surprisingly titled “Divorced Men Are Better (Home) Lovers”:

“Not that ANY of you would ever need any help like this, BUT it is a fact that a fast growing segment of the interior design and furniture buying population is made out of… divorced, single men (the first part of this sentence is a joke – of course there are all types of readers in our audience out there and NO ONE wants to get divorced. Sometimes it just comes unwanted in the night).”

It’s beginning to look like a year of domestic turmoil in the lifestyle blogging sector of the net. This news comes just two months after Dooce blogger Heather Armstrong announced she was divorcing her husband and business partner, Jon Armstrong.

Apparently, constantly photographing a well-edited home life doesn’t seem to improve it.

Photo via Apartment Therapy

Dooce blogger in shock split
No, Heather Armstrong is not renaming her blog "Divooce."
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