Despite being wanted for murder, antivirus software legend John McAfee is updating his followers on his blog, Who Is McAfee. 

Wanted for murder and out on the lam, embattled antivirus software legend John McAfee has remained committed to updating his fans, followers, and freedom fighters. He’s using Who Is McAfee—alternately titled “The Hinterland”—a WordPress-run site now functioning as “The Official Blog of John McAfee.”

The blog, authored by McAfee and operated by his friend Chad Essley, who’s currently working on a graphic novel about the cybersecurity king, kicked up over the weekend with a sort of modus operandi stating McAfee’s case for the journaling.

“With lots of time on my hands and very little to do with it, I’ve been reflecting on the recent detour my life has taken,” he wrote.

Last week, McAfee was named as a suspect in the murder of his neighbor Gregory Faull, a fellow American expatriate whose dog McAfee reportedly did not like. The 67-year-old millionaire then allegedly hit the road, taking refuge in a series of disguises and hideout places while Belizean authorities went looking for him at his home.

Launched Saturday, Who Is McAfee currently contains 11 posts, all of which detail McAfee’s life on the lam.

And while the prospect of a fugitive blogging may raise some eyebrows around the legitimacy of the entries, ABC News’s Alyssa Newcomb confirmed Sunday afternoon that McAfee is the man behind each post.

Taking the two at their word, we’re now able to factually determine just how a multi-millionaire expatriate on the run from Belizean law spends his time—when he’s not offering $25,000 rewards for “the person or persons responsible for Mr. Faul’s (sp) murder.” We’ve outlined McAfee’s seven most eye-popping activities below.

1) Spitting vitriol towards Gizmodo’s Jeff Wise

Wise is the one who outed McAfee as a Belizean murder suspect, but the antivirus king says the Gizmodo writer’s trigger-happy approach to pointing out McAfee’s troubles is nothing new. “Jeff has made a life work out of smearing my character,” he wrote on the blog’s Nov. 17 Introduction.

“Beginning with Fast Company some two odd years ago and continuing non-stop through the present, he has gone beyond the call of journalistic duty to bring my dark side to the attention of the world. You might think that moral duty or a search for the truth has been driving him. But, sadly, that is not the case.”

McAfee then goes on to detail an affair that Wise had on a flying adventure in New Mexico, because fair is fair.

2) Expressing his affinity for sugar daddyism

In his latest post, “Love and deception,” McAfee notes the ways in which Belizean parents “‘promote’ attractive daughters to men with money constantly” and the ways in which that “helps the families through ‘trickle down.'”

“I am not foolish enough to believe that many young women could love a 67 year man,” he wrote. “Being loved does not interest me much. Loving does.”

McAfee! Poetic.

3) Playing dress up

This is probably the most fun part about being a fugitive. In the days since he’s gone on the lam, McAfee has colored his beard and hair a light grey; darkened the skin of his face, neck, and hands; donned an LA Saints baseball cap (LA Saints?!); stuffed his cheeks with bubble gum; stuffed a tampon into his nostril; worn a Guatemalan sarape; adjusted his posture; pushed a single-speed bicycle; and purchased a pair of very ragged pants.

The result: He came a phone call away from selling a dolphin carving to a reporter with the Associated Press, and he claims to have had several run-ins with local authorities who did not know it was him.

4) Demanding an apology

According to McAfee, the government “switched tactics” in its pursuit of his “non-existent” meth lab.

“A week after the antibiotics scandal was dropped, a new charge was leveled,” he wrote. “The security company that I had formed to provide security at my residence possessed most of the weapons licenses used for said security.”

A week later, McAfee reports hearing talks of “charging me with hiring security guards without a license.”

“The list goes on with boring precision,” he wrote, adding that the government hasn’t returned any of his property and has met every request he’s made for replacement with the same response: “We have not concluded our investigation.”

“Seven months seems a long time to investigate a non-existence meth lab,” he concluded. Shame on you, Belize.

5) Making space for guest bloggers

McAfee’s mostly run this whole kit and kaboodle, but Sunday he handed his reins over to Samantha, the dashing 20-year-old Belizean woman who’s stayed by his side during his whole time on the lam.

A native Spanish speaker, Samantha’s English is tough to decipher, but she makes her intentions clear towards the end of her post: “This country of mine is corupted an injustice [sic] and full of liers [sp]. I ceartenly cant live like this nor in a place that dose not have justice.”

6) Running down a list of the accused

McAfee’s on the run for the murder of Mr. Faul, but a number of his associates and acquaintances have already been arrested. That list includes his caretaker, his best friend, his bodyguard, his bodyguard’s wife, his housekeeper, and a cabbie named Cesar.

“The list will grow,” he added.

7) Planning for the future

On Sunday, McAfee revealed that he has “pre-written enough material to keep this blog alive for at least a year.”

“In addition, the administrator, Chad, will continue to monitor comments. He will administer the reward and post any information received. In truth, my continued involvement from this point is irrelevant.”

How that is all possible is beyond us, unless he saw this whole thing coming and started pumping out diatribes before the cops raided his compound.

Photo via John McAfee/Facebook

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