3-year-old soccer fan calls player a “c*nt” in shocking video


An Arsenal fan is being criticized for teaching his young son a song involving rape references and “vile” language.

Some soccer fans just don’t know how to let go of things.

Like Arsenal fans, for example. Many Gunners felt betrayed when their star striker Robin Van Persie announced that he wasn’t extending his contract with the club over the summer. RVP, as he’s often called, chose to sign with Manchester United instead, one of the most reviled clubs in the Barclay’s English Premier League.

Among the unhappy Arsenal supporters is Kye, the 3-year-old child in the video below. In the very short clip, Kye taunts RVP with the lyric “She said no, Robin, she said no,” a reference to his 2005 arrest for suspected rape. The charges against the player were eventually dismissed.

Perhaps more startling than a 3-year-old alluding to rape is what comes next in the song: Kye calls Van Persie a “cunt.”

All of this is of course perpetrated by the child’s father, who remains anonymous behind the camera and can be heard joyfully laughing as his son swears.

The video is making the Internet rounds today thanks to a piece published by British tabloid The Sun, who gave their story the sensational and alliterative headline “Vile RVP vid.. by boy, 3.”

On YouTube, it has elicited largely negative responses from commenters, who accuse the adult in the clip of being a terrible father.

“Fucking hell it’s just football,” writes FanOfTheDoraemons, “there’s no need to teach a 3 year old kid to swear like this over RVP’s move.”

“What a great father he is, apparently hating on a football player is more important than a child’s innocence.”

Photo via Ronnie Mcdonald/Flickr

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