Posted today, busted tomorrow: Social media evidence is increasingly showing up in court
When you log in, your expectation of privacy essentially disappears.
Kamala Harris promises to hold social media ‘accountable’ for hate-mongering
Her comments come after a Facebook ban for some far-right personalities.
Top NFL draft pick Nick Bosa scrubs racist, homophobic social media activity
A Twitter account exposed Nick Bosa's problematic social media activity—with receipts.
Trump complains about his Twitter follower count to Jack Dorsey
Trump met with the Twitter CEO in the White House.
Report: 5,000 Twitter bots pushed ‘Russiagate hoax’ after Mueller report
The bots pushed on Twitter following the release of the Mueller report.
Sri Lankan government shuts down social media in wake of deadly blasts
The measure is intended to combat misinformation, according to government officials.
Ocasio-Cortez says she gave up Facebook for her health
'Increased isolation, depression, anxiety, addiction, escapism.'
Report: Facebook bans leading white nationalist Faith Goldy
Facebook has said it will ban white nationalist content.
New Zealand arrests 2 for sharing video of mosque shooting
New Zealand is taking extraordinary steps.
Everything you need to know about gaming chat client Discord
The wildly popular gaming chat client has over 200 million unique users.
The power of parasocial relationships in the age of loneliness
How well do you really know your favorite online influencer?
Why teens are so worried about keeping Snapchat streaks
'We’re sprinkling behavioral cocaine all over these interfaces.'
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