Snapchat gender swap filter helps student catch cop looking for teen hookup
San Mateo officer continued to have 'explicit' conversation even after learning the user was 16 years old.
Twitter is roasting these gender-bent presidential portraits
Many would rather just have, you know, an actual woman president.
Stephen A. Smith is baby
People are making memes out of the ESPN host with the Snapchat baby filter.
Snapchat’s baby filter has become a readymade celebrity meme
The enduring content that nightmares are made of.
The Snapchat stories from Trump’s Panama City rally were a trip to peak MAGA-Land
It's even more Florida than you might have expected.
Are teens really eating foods with the ‘shells on’ for a new viral challenge?
Following reports of a new viral challenge, we set out to prove if it exists.
Texas high schooler sends racist promposal on Snapchat
'There is absolutely nothing humorous about slavery.'
How to know if someone blocked you on Snapchat
Sometimes that Snapchat friend of yours decides it's time to part ways.
Teen allegedly stabs teen, posts about killing on Snapchat
She allegedly posted a picture of her hand covered in blood.
Teens played with guns on Snapchat just before accidental, fatal shooting
After harrowing social media video, two teens die.
Get ready, because Snapchat dog lenses are here
It's a Christmas miracle!
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