How to keep your social media from being hacked
Here is how to protect your accounts
Woman no longer in sorority, school after racist MLK post
The University of South Carolina and Phi Mu have released statements addressing the incident.
Influencer gets 14 years in prison for trying to steal domain name at gunpoint
A college influencer wanted the domain name to go along with his brand.
Graphic video of Texas A&M-Commerce party shooting posted on social media
Many are disturbed that someone posted footage of the victim's bodies on Snapchat and Twitter.
Demi Lovato’s nude photos allegedly leaked on Snapchat
It hasn't been confirmed that it was actually Lovato in the photos, but fans are still upset.
Teen dies by suicide after being outed on social media
Explicit messages he exchanged with another boy were shared on Instagram and Snapchat.
Snap’s ‘Project Voldemort’ dossier details Facebook’s bullying tactics
The tactics included allegedly threatening to pull "verified" statuses from influencers who mentioned Snapchat.
Snapchat just made all political ads purchased publicly available
Snapchat wants to ensure transparency ahead of the 2020 election.
Facebook is developing Threads for Instagram, and it looks very familiar
The app encourages users to share everything from their location to their battery life.
Majority of threats made since El Paso and Dayton shootings have been made online
Out of the 27 threats made, about 20 were made online.
Snap’s Spectacles have a new look and a new price tag
Spectacles 3 are available for preorder at $380, on sale in November.
New bill would ban ‘addictive’ tech features like autoplay and infinite scrolling
'Big tech has embraced a business model of addiction.'
Snapchat gender swap filter helps student catch cop looking for teen hookup
San Mateo officer continued to have 'explicit' conversation even after learning the user was 16 years old.
Twitter is roasting these gender-bent presidential portraits
Many would rather just have, you know, an actual woman president.
Stephen A. Smith is baby
People are making memes out of the ESPN host with the Snapchat baby filter.
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