The beauty in the in-between: Reclaiming my multi-dimensional identities
Because I'm 'passing,' my identities are at times privileged and at times oppressed.
Tumblr gave me a safe space to come to terms with my asexuality
Scrolling through gray ace blogs, I suddenly felt less alone.
I am proof that anti-trans messaging can have real, disturbing consequences
Even if Trump's proposals don't happen, the damage has already been done.
How a Facebook group helped me heal from religious trauma
I am Black, nonbinary, and queer—and the Jehovah's Witness community didn't want me.
‘Ear parties,’ luxury piercing, and the mothers yearning for control
When life feels chaotic, why not get your tragus pierced.
Black church leaders betrayed the community long before they cozied up to Trump
We have come a long way from the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
Viral #BBQBeckys and #CouponCarls are the new slave patrols
White people exercising authority is nothing new.
What to wear to become an American citizen
How an outfit can symbolize your relationship to America.
Overcoming the silence of growing up Black, gay, and with an immigrant father
I didn't choose my father, my sexuality, or my skin color—but I did choose to stop being silent.
Notes from 16 years of suicidality
Recognizing, understanding, and coping when suicidal ideation hits.
‘Here is a suicide hotline number’ is the new ‘thoughts and prayers’ we could use less of
Don't expect those in the depths of depression to reach out.
Chronic pain has made it hard to do the thing I love most, but not impossible
Here are all 'hacks' I've learned just so I can curl up with a good e-reader.
Facebook ads outed me to my boss
The platform's privacy problems aren't just confined to the election.
When you’re gay, you never stop coming out
Stepping out of the closet isn't a one-time event.
March for Our Lives gives me hope for the midterm elections
The young people are ready to 'vote them out.'
I grew up 5 miles away from the Austin bomber—and his views reflect the Central Texas I know
Austin may be known as a liberal mecca, but it's still situated in the heart of Texas conservatism.
The chronically ill are turning to social media for much-needed relief
A chronic headache sufferer explains why there is solace in staring at a screen.
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