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‘I am so lucky’—Streamer YourRAGE gives update on grisly eye injury

“That’s going to need a lot of time to heal. It’s bad.”


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YourRAGE’s eye injury from his July 2, 2024 “Lumberjack stream” on Kick, the relatively new livestream platform competitor to Twitch, left the streamer temporarily blind after his face was struck by a broken piece of his axe while on stream. In an update to socials, YourRAGE told fans that he would be okay and needed to take some time off from streaming to heal.

Who is YourRAGE?

Screenshot of a video of a shirtless man wearing an untied durag on his head, a bandage covering one eye. There is dramatic overhead lighting.

How YourRAGE injured his eye

YourRAGE is a popular streamer and YouTuber known for pranks, reaction and gameplay videos, and more. His Kick livestreaming account has 280.9K followers, while his YouTube page boasts a whopping 1.71M subscribers.

On July 2nd, 2024, YourRAGE was hosting a “Lumberjack stream” on his Kick channel when his axe broke and flew in his face, injuring his eye. It should be noted that he was not wearing any kind of eye protection at the time, which you should always do when chopping wood.

The streamer was rushed to the hospital and his stream cut short, leaving fans worried and reaching out to his streaming friends for news. Fellow FaZe streamer Plaqueboymax told viewers on his July 5th Twitch stream, “He cannot see out of the eye. The eye is swollen, like, on the inside.”

Updates on YourRAGE’s eye injury

A few days later, YourRAGE posted a 15-minute YouTube video to tell fans about what happened with his eye injury. He also acknowledged his lack of eye protection.

“I thought this was about to be a quick little 20-30 minute stream. I have no excuses by the way, it’s my dumbass fault for not wearing any goggles,” YourRAGE said in the July 7th video.

“It happened so fast, I thought the top part of the axe. I thought I axed myself, you feel me? I thought the top of the axe hit my eye, I didn’t know it was the bottom. That’s how fast, like it happened quick as hell.”

YourRAGE said that he was discharged pretty quickly from the hospital with medicine, including eye drops, but woke up with his eye worse off the following day and was rushed into an Ophthalmologist’s office as an “emergency patient.”

“Long story short – they juice up my eye, they liquify my eye, putting all types of squirting, all type of sh*t, all up in my eye,” YourRAGE explained. “Ten different drops in my eye. Looking through the eye with the machine, basically said there was a lot of inflammation in my cornea. But, It’s like my retina and my optical nerve, something that’s really damaged. Right? And, that’s going to need a lot of time to heal. It’s bad. But, he said I am so god damn lucky that this isn’t 100% just GGs to your eyeball.”

“He prescribed me with some crazy, crazy eye drops. It’s like five different bottles, each of them do different things… I’ve got to keep up with my treatment or it’s either going to take longer, or I’m cooked. So I ain’t missing a single hour, I’m taking my sh*t very diligently. I got a check-up in another week.”

The streamer ended the video by telling his fans, “As the bruising and the swelling, all the inflammation, as that goes down, and as my eye heals, my vision should slowly come back day by day.”

He didn’t announce when his return to streaming would be, but said, “I’ll be back with the next update whenever I can. I want to stream bad, I’m really trying to stream. I want to get back to streaming as soon as possible.”

Reactions to YouRAGE’s eye injury

YouTube comment screenshot. Text reads, 'Bro this such a hard video to watch with me losing vision in my left eye as well, and I’m currently still living this way. It’s tuff asf sometimes. Bro I feel for you rage, this life is not easy in the slightest bro and it’s definitely gonna hit hard at some moments and nobody will truly know what you feeling deep down but ima be honest bro, we soldiers, deadass..'

“Get well soon, man. Losing your vision must be incredibly frightening, but I hope everything gets resolved quickly,” one viewer commented.

YouTube comment screenshot. Text reads, 'This shit is unfortunate brother. I wish you a speedy recovery man, take care and strength to you and your family brother'

Another person commented, “This man has been thru a lot. Car accidents, knee and shoulder injuries, testicular torsion, and this. Praying for you Josh. Have a speedy recovery.”

YouTube comment screenshot. Text reads, 'This shit is unfortunate brother. I wish you a speedy recovery man, take care and strength to you and your family brother'

“I can imagine this must be such a scary experience to go through. I’m praying for you Rage, glad to see you’re on the road to recovery,” said a third fan of the streamer.

YouTube comment screenshot. Text reads, 'The moment he said “heal” i was relieved af. been watching bro for a minute. he da only reason i got Kick. i’m glad bro is able to recover'

YourRAGE did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via Instagram direct message.

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