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The latest MrBeast debate proves you should always question what you watch

Don’t expect your YouTubers to be genuine, especially the ones with million-dollar budgets.


Steven Asarch


Posted on Oct 30, 2023


The line between what’s real or not in Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson’s videos got a little hazy this week after 14.5 million subscriber YouTuber Rosanna Pansino accused Donaldson on Thursday of deceptive editing in his 2021 “Creator Games” video. The game of large-scale hide-and-seek viewers saw had Larray in first, Zach King in second, and Logan Paul in third. 

But on Thursday’s edition of Trisha Paytas’ podcast, and later elaborated on a now-deleted X post, Rosanna Pansino stated that she actually earned that third place spot. She claimed all of the contestants in the MrBeast video competed with in-ear walkie-talkies, so she knew what number she placed. Quackity, a Minecraft YouTuber who competed, said on his stream after the original video premiered that he had actually placed in second place.

“I placed third, Quackity placed second, and Zach placed first. This is what actually happened,” she wrote in the deleted post on X. “Despite Jimmy editing out the ONLY FEMALE in the top three, I was proud of what I had achieved.”

Over the weekend, Pansino would post her messages with Donaldson, and go on the h3 Podcast, all while defending herself against the hordes online who felt the need to defend the besmirched honor of their Feastables overlord. On X, Pansino and MrBeast’s names would trend with thousands of comments while internet drama channels spewed venom. …

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*First Published: Oct 30, 2023, 3:50 pm CDT